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April 22, 2019 Executive Committee Agenda

The HAND Executive Committee will  meet on Monday Apr 22nd at 7PM at Palio on Ladd Circle.  All are welcome to attend.


Agenda items:


1) Set the agenda for the May meeting


2) Discuss the most effective use of our audio recorder


3) Call the Rapid Response Committee to order (see below)


4) Any other business that comes before the committee



===== Rapid Response Committee =====


The HAND bylaws establish a committee called the Rapid Response Committee — this body consists of the board officers, who are empowered to act on behalf of the board when there is not time to convene the entire board.  Any decisions made by the RR must be ratified at a subsequent board meeting or be rescinded.  Because the RR Committee is conservative in temperament, the HAND Board has never reversed a RR Committee decision.


The RR will convene as part of the Executive Committee meeting, and will consider a letter written by the Historic Committee in response to the Historic Resources Code Project we heard about at our April 16th meeting; the deadline for comments falls before our next full board meeting.  Board members did not feel prepared to vote on the letter, so we decided to let the RR Committee make a decision and review it afterward.  We will be considering whether to send the letter or not.


The letter in question is available here:



March 19, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Board members Daniel Amoni, Phil Cox, Chris Eykamp, Claud Gilbert, Kim Nurmi,  Mark Linehan, Katie Mogensen, Jill Riebesehl.  Guests: Gail Getz, Yvonne Lerch, Linda Nettekoven (board member emerita), Lee Saker


Chris Eykamp, chairman,  opened the meeting at 7:05.  He said Portland Police Officer Leo Yee couldn’t attend but took the time elsewhere to describe a recent train/motorists/pedestrian incident on the tracks at SE 12th Avenue that required repeated police response to stop disruptive behavior.  On another subject, Chris asked if we wanted to take up NW Natural’s application for parking variance.  Brief discussion.


DOZA:  Linda Nettekoven distributed an overview of the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s plan to update decades-old rules and processes for development design standards on structures’ exterior shapes and sizes. She walked the Board through the proposed  DOZA (design overlay zone amendments). Discussion followed. The question put before the group was whether we wanted comment, as have other neighborhood associations.  Mark moved that HAND send written comments,  Michael seconded the motion. The vote was eight in favor, on against. The motion passed.


Chris will draft and then share a letter with the Board prior to sending it. The letter will recommend the following:


  1. DOZA should include new guidelines on different contact guidelines.
  2. Size threshold rules for neighborhoods should not generally mirror those for the central city; instead the thresholds should be tied to degree of neighborhood impact.
  3. The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability as well as the Office of Community and Civic Life should engage with those neighborhood associations without guidelines to help them develop local neighborhood plans.  Other NAs would likely be willing to provide their assistance/experience in the effort.


Comments are due April 12, but early May would be accepted.  The City Council is expected to hear DOZA recommendations in September.  Linda said there will be a small meeting of other neighborhoods regarding DOZA; Michael said he would participate.


Paint the Town Green Graffiti & Litter Clean Up:  Chris said the Richmond NA is going to participate and asked the Board’s view on HAND participation. Katie moved to support, Jill seconded.  The motion passed with eight in favor, one abstention.  The community event will be June 1, probably in the morning. Linda said the HAND group last year focused on the 26th/Division intersection and last year spent most of the effort on graffiti removal.


Air BnBs:  Chris said he is receiving copies of requests/notifications by those registering their homes.  He asked the Board what he should do with the material in the future; currently he is keeping the notifications in a 3-ring binder.  The Board supported maintaining the notices binder, for use (or not) later.


May General Meeting: The Board  will focus on neighborhood history, including that of Ladd’s Addition.  Possible presenters will be contacted to explore their interest in sharing their stories and knowledge.


Esplanade policy: Chris explained that the city allows three events a month and asks the neighborhoods affected (HAND, Buckman and Kerns) to weigh in on requests beyond that.  Board discussion included whether the uses are disruptive to other users and what the responses of other neighborhoods are. The Board indicated that Chris should carry on.


HAND Politics policy:  The question: should there be a policy.  Agreement was for Chris to take requests received to the agenda committee (executive committee?), but not reach out to politicians/issue supporters.  The Board generally agreed that it can be useful to hear about issues and from elected officials but not during the campaign seasons and only from the perspective of neighborhood impact.


Standing committees:  Brief reports from Michael and Daniel on SEUL, Michelle on TPAC.


Consent agenda:  Jill moved, Michelle seconded a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report and February Board meeting and Executive Committee minutes.  The motion passed.  Chris said he needs more time to clear up an issue in the January minutes


The meeting adjourned at 9:10.


Meeting note-taker Phil Cox; submitted by Jill Riebesehl, secretary

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