Restore Tree Manual to 2009-2010 City of Portland Budget

Sent from Kina Voelz, HAND Land Use Chair:
Please attend the final public budget hearing this Thursday, May 21 from 6 – 8: 30 pm at Mt. Tabor Middle School.
Funding tree policy work will hopefully be included in this fiscal year’s budget, but probably not without your input.
You may also testify online if you cannot attend tomorrow evening:
Please see below as well.
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Activists in our Schools Workshop

Saturday, February 28
da Vinci Arts Middle School
9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

This is a great event for neighborhood association leaders who want to network and collaborate with school parent activists who care about Portland’s public neighborhood schools and youth in our community.

The 9th annual Community & Parents for Public School’s (CPPS) Parent Leadership Conference will offer workshops and other opportunities to help you to become more effectively involved with your student, your school, and your district. Translators will be available and a number of workshops will be presented in languages other than English. Childcare will be provided as well as a light breakfast and lunch. Keynote speakers will include Superintendent Carole Smith and our new Mayor Sam Adams!

For more information or to register contact
Debbie Gordon
CPPS 2009 Parent Leadership Conference Coordinator
503 318-6023 or visit their website at

Changes at City Hall

Here is a concise summary of the major changes and new assignments down at City Hall — courtesy of the Coalition for a Livable Future.

This should make it easier to know whom to contact with your ideas and concerns.

Reorganization is Afoot at City Hall (top) Mayor Elect Sam Adams recently announced bureau reorganization and new bureau assignments for each commissioner.

Here are some highlights:
The Bureau of Planning and the Office of Sustainable Development have been combined under a new bureau, now called the Bureau of Planning and Sustainable Development.

A new bureau called the Office of Healthy Working Rivers has been created and will pull in existing staff from the Bureau of Environmental Services and the Bureau of Planning. The Bureau of Housing and Community Development is being split, creating a new Bureau of Housing.

Community Development activities will move under the purview of the Portland Development Commission.
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Neighborhood & Community City Legislative Agenda

If you’re interested in getting involved with issues affecting our neighborhood on a state level, please plan to attend this meeting next week. From Southeast Uplift:

Neighborhood & community city legislative agenda
City Council Chambers
1221 SW 4th
Tuesday, January 6
7 – 9 PM

Neighborhood, business and other community-based organizations play an integral part in assuring community and neighborhood livability. Mayor Adams continues to be committed to working with Portland neighborhoods, businesses, and community organizations to provide services and information to assist in empowering residents to identify and support issues that benefit Portland. One way we can support each others efforts is to explore joint legislative objectives and work together in Salem to achieve positive results.

Mayor Adams is inviting you to participate in a meeting, co-sponsored by the City’s Offices of Neighborhood Involvement and Government Relations, designed to provide you with information for the upcoming 2009 Legislative Session. An agenda has been designed to assure active participation from each of you and will include interactive polling to identify and prioritize your issues before we adjourn. To review the agenda, visit our website. A draft legislative agenda was presented to City Council during a November work session and is still not completed. To review the draft agenda click here.

Please RSVP to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement at 503 823-4519.

A follow-up meeting in February with legislators to impart priorities outlined at the January meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks. Look for announcements regarding date, time and location.

Take Survey: How would you cut Portland’s Transportation Budget?

From Portland Bureau of Transportation:
If you had to cut $6.4 million from the City’s Transportation budget, how would you prioritize programs? Please take our survey – respond by January 2, 2009.

Click below for survey:
Bureau of Transportation Budget Prioritization Survey

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has been going through a budget prioritization process since mid-summer as a result of sagging gas tax revenue and lower parking revenues.

In order to bring expenditures in line with the reduced revenue, a prioritization of all discretionary funded activities has been done. This prioritization has been done on the basis of criteria which assess the significance of the activity to the core mission and objectives of the organization.

A Budget Advisory Committee made up of members from the community and organized labor was selected in September and charged with reviewing the process. Additionally they’ve been tasked with helping Transportation identify the cuts necessary to cover the $6.4 million shortfall for FY 09/10 budget.

Twenty-five program listings were broken out into priority order. If you had to cut $6.4 million out of Transportation’s budget, how would you prioritize the following programs? Please respond by January 2, 2009.

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