Division Streetscape Design Concepts Update

Below is an update on the status of the Division Streetscape Construction Project from Project Manager Liz Mahon. If you have feedback, please contact one of the HAND board members on the CAC (Amy Lewin, Liz Gatti or Linda Nettekoven) by noon, Monday, June 1.

Alternatives Summary (block by block and general overview)
Overview of Alternatives
Alternatives Summary by Block – draft
Alternatives Legend

overviewthumb The concepts identify possible streetscape improvements under the two street cross-section scenarios discussed in the 2005 Division Green Street / Main Street Plan.

Please note that although we are showing two alternatives (based on where we left off in 2005), we are moving forward with removing pro-time lanes where possible along Division to either return vehicle parking, create pedestrian crossings with curb extensions, enhance bus stops, or create bike parking.

We are working with Kittelson to determine what capacity is needed at the major intersections along SE Division (11th/12th, Seven Corners, 26th). We’ll discuss their findings at CAC #4 in July. At that time, we’ll work together as a committee to finalize the cross-section design and discuss what is needed at the various intersections.

Please review the streetscape options above and provide feedback to CAC members by noon on Monday, June 1st. We’ll compile the comments and present these at our meeting on June 3rd.

Our June CAC meeting will focus on establishing the design goals and vision for the streetscape improvements. The goals will be presented to the community at the June open house.

Staff will develop a draft list of design goals based upon what we’ve heard from the CAC to date (in addition to anything you submit by June 1st). We’ll review and refine the list as a group at our next meeting.

Please email me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing back from everyone.

Elizabeth Mahon
Portland Office of Transportation
1120 SW 5th Ave, Suite 800
Portland Oregon 97204

Pocket Park @ SE 19th & Division?

Google Maps Image of proposed "Pocket Park" space on SE 19th Ave. @ Division Street.
Google Maps Image

Join us!
Monday, May 25th @ 6:30 p.m.
SE 19th & Division

Are you interested in helping create a “Pocket Park” at SE 19th & Division? Join HAND board members and other neighbors to talk about how to do this. Our goal is to get on paper specifics of what we’d like to see at this current “public right of way” and how we might go about making this park a reality. With the reconstruction of Division Street, there may be ways we can get funding from groups/organizations involved with and interested in Division’s redevelopment.

The initial plan is to meet at the site next Monday, May 25th at 6:30 p.m., review discussions we’ve had and move forward with something a bit more tangible. We will present these specifics at the beginning of the next Division Citizen Advisory Committe meeting which is Wednesday, June 3 @ 6:00 p.m.

Questions/Comments, Amy Lewin: amy@handpdx.org

Next HAND Meeting, Tuesday, April 21

Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood Development Association (HAND)
Community/ Board Meeting
Tuesday, April 21, 2009, 7:00 PM
(Land Use meeting at 6:30)
St. Philip Neri Church Paulist Center
2408 SE 16th Avenue (and Division)

General Meeting Agenda 7:00 – 8:45
Crime Prevention Officer/Crime Prevention Coordinator (Havilah)
Clean-Up – May 2nd

Board Issues
(1) Approval of letter supporting ped/bike addition for streetcar bridge (if a bridge gets built).
(2) Approval of minutes
(3) Approval of Portland triathlon’s use of the Eastside Esplanade
(4) Approval of support for SB 907 – a design review hearing

(1) Manna ministries – Linda
(2) Washington High School Community Center planning – Liz

Community Issues
(1) Eastside Max – an open discussion
(2) Portland Streetcar – an open discussion

Land Use Agenda – 6:30 to 7:00

(1) Land use notices
(2) Urban Planning Student update
(3) Meeting for Ladd’s Addition land use notice review process – 6:30 on May 7 at Palio

Passport to Dine along Division/Clinton

Nineteen establishments in Division/Clinton are working together to encourage you to come out and enjoy Portland’s best dining district. From coffee shops to lunch spots, to wine bars to topnotch dining — Division/Clinton has it all.

Passport to Dine is the campaign put together by the Division/Clinton Business Association (DCBA) and a team of volunteers with a grant from the Alliance of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations. Pick up a Passport at a participating location and get your Passport stamped when you make a purchase. Five stamps enters you in a drawing for a grab bag of gifts and with eight stamps you can be entered into a drawing to win one of seven grand prizes.

Download the Passport to Dine here. The rules, participants and grand prizes are also detailed here for your consideration.

Have questions? Need more information? Contact Lindsey McBride at 503-238-9508

City Council Vote on 30th & Division Project on Dec 10th

There will be an important City Council vote next Wed afternoon, Dec 10th on regulations affecting future redevelopment of the building at SE 30th and Division (former Wild Oats site) as well as several other buildings along Division Street. Please see below for important information on steps you can take.


Dear neighbors,
I’m writing to ask you to weigh in on an important code amendment that City Council will vote on next Wednesday – Dec. 10th as part of the “RICAP 4” package. This regulatory improvement package contains an important amendment that we believe is necessary: 1) to clarify the existing code limiting retail uses to 10,000 SF; 2) to stop unintended consequences and delays already experienced, and 3) to provide more flexibility to effectively re-use (rather than raze) existing buildings such as ours at 30th and Division.

The proposed change has been formally endorsed by the Richmond and Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Associations, Division Clinton Business Association and was unanimously recommended by the Portland Planning Commission.

As a former Planning Commissioner, a property owner, a local retailer, and as someone who cares deeply about appropriate development that enhances neighborhood livability, I am convinced this change not only improves the odds for us to successfully renovate our building, but also significantly enhances the opportunity to achieve the many laudable goals outlined in the Division Main Street / Green Street plan. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Stan Amy Continue reading “City Council Vote on 30th & Division Project on Dec 10th”

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