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New Park for 7 Corners Neighborhood

Proposed Pocket Park location.
Proposed Pocket Park location.

4 p.m. – 7 p.m.
SE 19th & Division (the potential Pocket Park!)

You are invited out for a community awareness picnic and open space party. Our goal is to raise awareness about this volunteer project, get feedback from neighbors to create a better sense of how to use this space as a park. Bring your lawn chairs, sidewalk chalk, picnic basket and more.

If you’re curious, have ideas, or are just looking for a good time with your community, please plan to attend!

Please fill out our survey — (click for .pdf) — and mail to HAND, PO Box 15033, Portland, OR 97293-5033
You are also welcome to attend our next HAND meeting on Tuesday, July 21, 7-9 PM (check site for details).

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Report on Seven Corners Released

Concept: 21st Ave. Corridor
Concept: 21st Ave. Corridor
You can now download the 7 Corners Urban Design report here: http://www.portlandonline.com/planning/index.cfm?c=48623

The 7 Corners Urban Design Strategy identified three options for transforming the 7 Corners intersection. However, the community discussion did not result in a clear preference and raised a number of questions and issues that are best addressed in the context of the larger Division Streetscape and Reconstruction Project. Therefore, the final report captures the ideas, issues, opportunities and challenges that were identified through this process and is intended to be a launching point for the streetscape design project.

The Division Streetscape and Street Reconstruction Project Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) is currently working with the City on streetscape design alternatives for Division Street from SE 11th to 39th Avenue (which includes the Seven Corners intersection). A public open house will be held in June to allow the community to review the design alternatives and provide feedback. Stay tuned for additional information regarding the June open house. The Division Streetscape Project website is: http://www.portlandonline.com/transportation/index.cfm?c=41107

For questions regarding the Division Streetscape and Street Reconstruction Project, please contact Elizabeth Mahon with the Bureau of Transportation (503-823-0396, elizabeth.mahon@pdxtrans.org)

Division Streetscape and Street Reconstruction

The Division Streetscape and Reconstruction Project, under the direction of the Portland Bureau of Transportation, will develop a transportation and streetscape plan for City Council adoption. The plan will develop design alternatives with the input and involvement of area residents, property owners and business owners. Improvements may include one or more of the following:

pedestrian crossing improvements
bicycle parking
transit amenities such as curb extensions, benches and shelters
green street solutions such as porous pavement, storm water mitigation and street trees
pedestrian-scale street amenities such as lighting, kiosks, benches and public art
signal enhancements to increase safety for motorists and pedestrians and to improve signal communications for transit priority technology and
opportunities for creating a sense of place that supports the mixed-use, multi-modal character of the neighborhood.

Guiding the the Division Streetscape and Reconstruction Project will be the Divison Green Street/Main Street Plan adopted by City Council in 2006. Developed by a coalition of citizens, businesses, City of Portland Staff (many areas represented) and many others, it focuses on the area between SE 11th and SE 60th. The plan contains goals, objectives and implementation strategies to create a pedstrian-friendly commercial district that reflects and reinforces community values, including a focus on sustainable and ‘green’ development. This project is also coordinating with The City of Portland’s Tabor to the River Brooklyn Creek Basin Program for sewer, green stormwater and watershed health improvements.

While much input has been gathered, now we are moving into the decisionmaking mode of what actual improvements will be made to our public right-of-way on Division. We need lots of community input to ensure that the improvements are valuable, effective and worthwhile. Some of you may be aware that community input was already solicited last summer regarding the Seven Corners Intersection. (You can now download the results of the that input: the 7 Corners Urban Design report here: http://www.portland online.com/ planning/ index.cfm? c=48623).

The CAC meets monthly through November and expects to present it’s recommendation to City Council in December 2009.

Division Street Plan Project Update

We are writing to provide some very long overdue updates to what is happening with the next phase of the Division Street Plan implementation. There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes that we want to bring into the open:

*** 7 Corners design project details and report are being completed by Stuart Emmons and the Planning Bureau and should be available for review shortly. While there were limitations as to what could creatively happen at the Ladd Ave corner because of historic preservation issues and other concerns, there were some great ideas that have been captured in the summary and will help inform the design of the overall street as well as 7 Corners. Which leads to…

*** Proposals are currently being reviewed from design firms for the Division Streetscape and Reconstruction Project. The winning firm will oversee the design and citizen involvement portions of the project. The consultant(s) should be in place by the end of this month and ready for the first Citizens Advisory Group meetings starting in April …

***A Citizens Working Group and Technical Advisory Group are currently being put together with Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Membership on these groups should be confirmed this month with the first of monthly meetings beginning within a few weeks. This will be the group that oversees the Design and talks through the pro-time lane decision etc. Anyone is welcome to come to these meetings while remembering that committee members are the only ones who vote… Continue reading “Division Street Plan Project Update”

Train Noise Concerns in Neighborhood

Submitted by a group of HAND neighbors concerned about train noise:

Will there be an increase in SE Clinton/Division Train Horn noise?
Neighborhood residents have been dismayed to learn that train horn noise in SE Portland could increase significantly as a result of the new light rail line through our area. Because the new route will parallel existing train tracks from OMSI to the Brooklyn Yard, light rail trains will be required to follow federal rules and sound four 110-decibel blasts before each intersection. In addition to the 35 Union Pacific and Amtrak trains each day, which already disturb many SE neighbors, TriMet would bring an additional 170 trains a day through the area. Many believe that much noise would be intolerable.

At the January 20th HAND Board meeting, TriMet’s South Corridor Project Manager Dave Unsworth acknowledged the concerns about this issue. He said TriMet will work with the City of Portland to attempt to get a federally-approved Quiet Zone for the area. Additional safety measures would be required, such as “quad-gates” that would block all lanes of traffic at the tracks. If approved by the Federal Railroad Administration and the Oregon Rails Division, trains would not need to routinely sound their horns, or would be able to sound the horn at a lower-decibel level. We anticipate that Dave will return to the March HAND Board meeting with an update on feasibility of this plan.

Neighbors will need to be diligent to assure that planning for the Quiet Zone remains a priority. Please see related fact sheets for more information. To add your name to an interest list, email: dkbre@aol.com

Handout: Health & Safety Effects
Handout: QZfact sheet

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