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City Council Vote on 30th & Division Project on Dec 10th

There will be an important City Council vote next Wed afternoon, Dec 10th on regulations affecting future redevelopment of the building at SE 30th and Division (former Wild Oats site) as well as several other buildings along Division Street. Please see below for important information on steps you can take.


Dear neighbors,
I’m writing to ask you to weigh in on an important code amendment that City Council will vote on next Wednesday – Dec. 10th as part of the “RICAP 4” package. This regulatory improvement package contains an important amendment that we believe is necessary: 1) to clarify the existing code limiting retail uses to 10,000 SF; 2) to stop unintended consequences and delays already experienced, and 3) to provide more flexibility to effectively re-use (rather than raze) existing buildings such as ours at 30th and Division.

The proposed change has been formally endorsed by the Richmond and Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Associations, Division Clinton Business Association and was unanimously recommended by the Portland Planning Commission.

As a former Planning Commissioner, a property owner, a local retailer, and as someone who cares deeply about appropriate development that enhances neighborhood livability, I am convinced this change not only improves the odds for us to successfully renovate our building, but also significantly enhances the opportunity to achieve the many laudable goals outlined in the Division Main Street / Green Street plan. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Stan Amy Continue reading “City Council Vote on 30th & Division Project on Dec 10th”

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