Division Streetscape Design Concepts Update

Below is an update on the status of the Division Streetscape Construction Project from Project Manager Liz Mahon. If you have feedback, please contact one of the HAND board members on the CAC (Amy Lewin, Liz Gatti or Linda Nettekoven) by noon, Monday, June 1.

Alternatives Summary (block by block and general overview)
Overview of Alternatives
Alternatives Summary by Block – draft
Alternatives Legend

overviewthumb The concepts identify possible streetscape improvements under the two street cross-section scenarios discussed in the 2005 Division Green Street / Main Street Plan.

Please note that although we are showing two alternatives (based on where we left off in 2005), we are moving forward with removing pro-time lanes where possible along Division to either return vehicle parking, create pedestrian crossings with curb extensions, enhance bus stops, or create bike parking.

We are working with Kittelson to determine what capacity is needed at the major intersections along SE Division (11th/12th, Seven Corners, 26th). We’ll discuss their findings at CAC #4 in July. At that time, we’ll work together as a committee to finalize the cross-section design and discuss what is needed at the various intersections.

Please review the streetscape options above and provide feedback to CAC members by noon on Monday, June 1st. We’ll compile the comments and present these at our meeting on June 3rd.

Our June CAC meeting will focus on establishing the design goals and vision for the streetscape improvements. The goals will be presented to the community at the June open house.

Staff will develop a draft list of design goals based upon what we’ve heard from the CAC to date (in addition to anything you submit by June 1st). We’ll review and refine the list as a group at our next meeting.

Please email me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing back from everyone.

Elizabeth Mahon
Portland Office of Transportation
1120 SW 5th Ave, Suite 800
Portland Oregon 97204

Report on Seven Corners Released

Concept: 21st Ave. Corridor
Concept: 21st Ave. Corridor
You can now download the 7 Corners Urban Design report here:

The 7 Corners Urban Design Strategy identified three options for transforming the 7 Corners intersection. However, the community discussion did not result in a clear preference and raised a number of questions and issues that are best addressed in the context of the larger Division Streetscape and Reconstruction Project. Therefore, the final report captures the ideas, issues, opportunities and challenges that were identified through this process and is intended to be a launching point for the streetscape design project.

The Division Streetscape and Street Reconstruction Project Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) is currently working with the City on streetscape design alternatives for Division Street from SE 11th to 39th Avenue (which includes the Seven Corners intersection). A public open house will be held in June to allow the community to review the design alternatives and provide feedback. Stay tuned for additional information regarding the June open house. The Division Streetscape Project website is:

For questions regarding the Division Streetscape and Street Reconstruction Project, please contact Elizabeth Mahon with the Bureau of Transportation (503-823-0396,

Division Streetscape and Street Reconstruction

The Division Streetscape and Reconstruction Project, under the direction of the Portland Bureau of Transportation, will develop a transportation and streetscape plan for City Council adoption. The plan will develop design alternatives with the input and involvement of area residents, property owners and business owners. Improvements may include one or more of the following:

pedestrian crossing improvements
bicycle parking
transit amenities such as curb extensions, benches and shelters
green street solutions such as porous pavement, storm water mitigation and street trees
pedestrian-scale street amenities such as lighting, kiosks, benches and public art
signal enhancements to increase safety for motorists and pedestrians and to improve signal communications for transit priority technology and
opportunities for creating a sense of place that supports the mixed-use, multi-modal character of the neighborhood.

Guiding the the Division Streetscape and Reconstruction Project will be the Divison Green Street/Main Street Plan adopted by City Council in 2006. Developed by a coalition of citizens, businesses, City of Portland Staff (many areas represented) and many others, it focuses on the area between SE 11th and SE 60th. The plan contains goals, objectives and implementation strategies to create a pedstrian-friendly commercial district that reflects and reinforces community values, including a focus on sustainable and ‘green’ development. This project is also coordinating with The City of Portland’s Tabor to the River Brooklyn Creek Basin Program for sewer, green stormwater and watershed health improvements.

While much input has been gathered, now we are moving into the decisionmaking mode of what actual improvements will be made to our public right-of-way on Division. We need lots of community input to ensure that the improvements are valuable, effective and worthwhile. Some of you may be aware that community input was already solicited last summer regarding the Seven Corners Intersection. (You can now download the results of the that input: the 7 Corners Urban Design report here: http://www.portland planning/ index.cfm? c=48623).

The CAC meets monthly through November and expects to present it’s recommendation to City Council in December 2009.

Train Horn Noise, TriMet Open House

Please mark your calendar for this Open House next week. Several people in our neighborhood are concerned about train horn noise with the expected arrival of light rail passing through our neighborhood. If you would like to get involved, attend this meeting and contact the HAND board.

Train Horn Noise

The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project is exploring how horn requirements may apply to light rail trains that share a freight rail right-of-way. Please join TriMet, train horn noise specialists Rail Control Limited and the cities of Milwaukie and Portland to learn more about options for minimizing train horn noise.

Tuesday, April 7
6-7:30 p.m.

Llewellyn Elementary School Cafetorium
6301 SE 14th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202

This location is served by bus lines 19-Woodstock and 70-12th Ave. Plan your trip on TriMet.


Bike & Streetcar Open House, May 5

Mark your calendar for this Open House coming up in May!

From: “Wong, Nancy”

Throughout the month of May, the Bicycle Master Plan Update project and the Portland Streetcar System Plan will be presenting their plans for public review and comment at the series of open houses listed below.

Below is the information regarding the Open House in (our) area:
Southeast Portland Open House
Tuesday, May 5, 2009
4-7 PM
Franklin High School Cafeteria
5405 SE Woodward St, Portland 97206

(Find out more here.)

This will be a great forum to learn about both projects and provide your feedback. You are cordially invited to come and weigh in on the future of transportation in Portland.

SE Clay Green Street Open House!

clay_green_street_mapThursday, April 2, 2009
4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Olympic Mills Conference Center (formerly the B&O Building)
First Floor Common Areas
107 SE Washington Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

The City of Portland has completed concept designs of the SE Clay Green Street Project. Get information about how this project will manage stormwater along SE Clay Street between Water Avenue and SE 12th Avenue, and how these improvements will enhance pedestrian, bicycle, and motorist safety, creating a route to the river, while maintaining the business and freight needs of the Central Eastside Industrial District.

Come by to review final Route to the River concept designs, talk with project staff, and enjoy refreshments. This project is a collaborative effort between several city bureaus and members of the community.

Get more information at or call Alice Meyers at 503-823-7914.

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