Updated Land Use Notices for HAND

Please see below land use notices for SE Portland.

Coalition: Southeast Uplift
Hosford-Abernethy | 05-01-09 | 1620-1624 SE Hawthorne Boulevard | Nonconforming Situation Review – NOTICE | LU 09-120544 NU
Publish date: May 1, 2009
Pull date: by 5:00 PM on May 22, 2009

Coalition: Southeast Uplift
Buckman | 05-01-09 | 2537 SE Hawthorne Boulevard | Adjustment Review – NOTICE | LU 09-100310 AD
Publish date: May 1, 2009
Pull date: by 5:00 PM on May 22, 2009

NOTE FROM KINA: The first is specifically along Hawthorne for a property @ SE 16th & Hawthorne. Application pertains to seeking a change of use from a recording studio to a yarn/ knitting shop; office use to commercial/ retail. Some of you may recall there is also an apartment. This will remain as such. Underlying zoning is residential, so applicant is required to request non-conforming situation approval for commercial/ retail use portion of the building.

– The Buckman notice for 2537 SE Hawthorne is for Rivermark Credit Union.

For more information contact: HAND Land Use & Transportation Chair: Kina Voelz, 971.207.9243

Current HAND Land Use Notices

Conversion of existing garage into an accessory dwelling unit:

Hosford-Abernethy | 04-08-09 | 2405 SE Ladd Avenue | Historic Design Review – NOTICE | LU 09-116288 HDZ (PDF Document, 879kb)

See Portland Online to download the notice, and for all additional current notices in SE PDX: http://www.portlandonline.com/bds/index.cfm?c=35625.

HAND Landuse Notices for March, 2009

Coalition: Southeast Uplift
Hosford-Abernethy | 03-05-09 | 2107 SE Ladd Avenue | Historic Design Review – NOTICE | LU 09-107692 HDZ
Publish date: March 5, 2009

Hosford-Abernethy | 03-03-09 | SE Clinton Street – lot west of 2426 SE Clinton | Land Division – NOTICE | LU 08-182289 LDP Publish date: March 3, 2009 | Pull date: by 5PM on April 2, 2009

Hosford-Abernethy | 03-11-09 | 1552 SE Hickory Street | Historic Design Review – NOTICE | LU 09-110769 HDZ (PDF Document, 777kb)

The land use reviews noted above have been attached to TRACS for your review. For those who do not have TRACS you should be able view the land use case on the web within 24 hours. At the following link, click on the District Coalition. http://www.portlandonline.com/bds/index.cfm?c=36652

Train Noise Concerns in Neighborhood

Submitted by a group of HAND neighbors concerned about train noise:

Will there be an increase in SE Clinton/Division Train Horn noise?
Neighborhood residents have been dismayed to learn that train horn noise in SE Portland could increase significantly as a result of the new light rail line through our area. Because the new route will parallel existing train tracks from OMSI to the Brooklyn Yard, light rail trains will be required to follow federal rules and sound four 110-decibel blasts before each intersection. In addition to the 35 Union Pacific and Amtrak trains each day, which already disturb many SE neighbors, TriMet would bring an additional 170 trains a day through the area. Many believe that much noise would be intolerable.

At the January 20th HAND Board meeting, TriMet’s South Corridor Project Manager Dave Unsworth acknowledged the concerns about this issue. He said TriMet will work with the City of Portland to attempt to get a federally-approved Quiet Zone for the area. Additional safety measures would be required, such as “quad-gates” that would block all lanes of traffic at the tracks. If approved by the Federal Railroad Administration and the Oregon Rails Division, trains would not need to routinely sound their horns, or would be able to sound the horn at a lower-decibel level. We anticipate that Dave will return to the March HAND Board meeting with an update on feasibility of this plan.

Neighbors will need to be diligent to assure that planning for the Quiet Zone remains a priority. Please see related fact sheets for more information. To add your name to an interest list, email: dkbre@aol.com

Handout: Health & Safety Effects
Handout: QZfact sheet

City Council Vote on 30th & Division Project on Dec 10th

There will be an important City Council vote next Wed afternoon, Dec 10th on regulations affecting future redevelopment of the building at SE 30th and Division (former Wild Oats site) as well as several other buildings along Division Street. Please see below for important information on steps you can take.


Dear neighbors,
I’m writing to ask you to weigh in on an important code amendment that City Council will vote on next Wednesday – Dec. 10th as part of the “RICAP 4” package. This regulatory improvement package contains an important amendment that we believe is necessary: 1) to clarify the existing code limiting retail uses to 10,000 SF; 2) to stop unintended consequences and delays already experienced, and 3) to provide more flexibility to effectively re-use (rather than raze) existing buildings such as ours at 30th and Division.

The proposed change has been formally endorsed by the Richmond and Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Associations, Division Clinton Business Association and was unanimously recommended by the Portland Planning Commission.

As a former Planning Commissioner, a property owner, a local retailer, and as someone who cares deeply about appropriate development that enhances neighborhood livability, I am convinced this change not only improves the odds for us to successfully renovate our building, but also significantly enhances the opportunity to achieve the many laudable goals outlined in the Division Main Street / Green Street plan. Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.


Stan Amy Continue reading “City Council Vote on 30th & Division Project on Dec 10th”

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