Courtesy: Sue Shattuc

Courtesy: Sue Shattuc

Join in the fun Wednesday, October 7th as students from Abernethy Elementary circle the block for this fun bike-a-thon fundraiser. Proceeds from the event go to help the Abernethy Foundation.

There are many ways HAND neighbors can help.

When: 3 p.m. Sunday 10/4
Where: South Rose Garden on Orange
Bring: Rake/broom/tarp

In order to make the course safe for the riders, we’ve got to get all the wet leaves out of the way! A pre-race clean-up crew is meeting at the South Rose Garden (on Orange Street) to clean the course as well as we can (follow-up cleaning will happen on the day of the race.) If you can make it out, we could really use the help.

To make this event successful and safe, we’re still looking for lots of help on the Day of the Event.
Areas where we still need volunteers:
– Last minute course prep/clean-up
– Going classroom to classroom to pin race-numbers on kids’ clothing
– Manning barricades
– Lap counters
– Passing out snacks

Don’t miss out on being a part of one of the most heartwarming and hilarious events of the year! Contact: Shana Riley, riley-belew @ clear (dot) net