The HAND Executive Committee will  meet on Monday Apr 22nd at 7PM at Palio on Ladd Circle.  All are welcome to attend.


Agenda items:


1) Set the agenda for the May meeting


2) Discuss the most effective use of our audio recorder


3) Call the Rapid Response Committee to order (see below)


4) Any other business that comes before the committee



===== Rapid Response Committee =====


The HAND bylaws establish a committee called the Rapid Response Committee — this body consists of the board officers, who are empowered to act on behalf of the board when there is not time to convene the entire board.  Any decisions made by the RR must be ratified at a subsequent board meeting or be rescinded.  Because the RR Committee is conservative in temperament, the HAND Board has never reversed a RR Committee decision.


The RR will convene as part of the Executive Committee meeting, and will consider a letter written by the Historic Committee in response to the Historic Resources Code Project we heard about at our April 16th meeting; the deadline for comments falls before our next full board meeting.  Board members did not feel prepared to vote on the letter, so we decided to let the RR Committee make a decision and review it afterward.  We will be considering whether to send the letter or not.


The letter in question is available here: