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Bad News for the Elms in Ladd’s Addition

For those of you that haven’t been by Abernethy Elementary lately, we are losing several more elm trees around the playground (on Elliott and Birch) – 6 more (“more” because we lost several last year too). They are being removed because they have Dutch Elm disease. There is another Dutch Elm hotspot in Ladd’s at Ladd & Lavender – another 6 are being removed there, and another 2 on Hemlock.

Below, for those who are interested, is some information about our elm trees:
These trees are about 100 years old and are young relative to their lifespan – American Elms reach maturity at about 150 years, and live to about 300 years. Here’s a link with more info about American Elms if you’re interested:

Dutch Elm disease is very aggressive and has devestated many parts of the country by killing entire stands of elm trees (approx 77 million trees in the US). A lot of you know about this, but for those who don’t, we have an innoculation program – the neighborhood organization, Save Our Elms, has been innoculating the elms in Ladd’s for 15 years -about 1/3 of the trees are innoculated each year, so that all trees get innoculated once every 3 years. The fungicide that is injected is not a cure or total prevention – it basically slows the progression of the disease.

Other than the innoculations, the other things that help the trees are pruning (when dormant and with a permit) and checking the trees’ leaves for wilting. If you see wilting leaves at the tops/crowns of the trees, you should call the Urban Forestry Division at 503-823-4489.

There is a person with the Urban Forestry Division that serves solely as the Elm Monitor – it’s a seasonal position and the current person is Danielle Fuchs. If you have questions, her number is 503-823-8859.

Another good source of info is the Save Our Elms website

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