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What’s Happening on the Central Eastside

Here’s an update from our friends at the Central Eastside Industrial Council:

Where will some of the funds for the light rail come from? If you’re a business in the ‘Southern Triangle’ of the district, you’re gunna wanna read this because you could get smacked with some new fees: http://ceic.cc/2011/04/21/transportation-system-development-charge-will-be-costly/

An important letter about the 12th Street Overpass: Did you know that the city is looking to eliminate a car/truck lane on the 12th Street Overpass (near Benson High) so that bicyclists can maneuver easier? Trek on over here to see the CEIC’s position on this vital freight lane: http://ceic.cc/2011/04/21/an-important-letter-about-the-12th-street-overpass/

Your input is needed concerning the Joint Terrorism Task Force: Should the city rejoin the JTFF? Read this and make your comments know to Suzanne Hayden the Executive Director Citizens Crime Commission: http://ceic.cc/2011/04/21/your-input-need-concerning-joint-terrorism-task-force/

Film projects coming to the CEID: You love the district, and so do film producers. Over the next few months, the area will see a bevy of new film productions which will close streets and impact the area. See the latest film and its location by viewing this: http://ceic.cc/2011/04/25/new-filming-projects-to-be-done-in-central-eastside/

Eastside Big Pipe Update: Ahead of schedule and below budget, the big pipe is moving along. Get the latest info on it here: http://ceic.cc/2011/04/25/eastside-combined-sewer-overflow-tunnel-update/

CEIC Cleanup scheduled for May 21st: Help us clean up some graffiti and remove waste along with other CEIC businesses. Here is where the details await: http://ceic.cc/2011/04/21/ceic-cleanup-scheduled-for-may-21st/

You’re invited! Rose City Storage and Wine Vault is holding a Grand Opening on May 12th and all CEIC businesses are invited. Check it our here: http://ceic.cc/2011/04/21/attend-rose-city-self-storage-grand-opening-party/

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