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Continued Work on This Land Is Our Land

(flyer attached, please feel free to forward to interested folks)
Monday of May, the 16th, from 6 to 9 PM, SE Uplift.

Note from Leah at SE Uplift:
Students from the Community Development Methods course at Portland State will be presenting their work and findings around providing tools for understanding the public right to public land.

This is an extension of earlier work done by a SE Uplift working group around citywide land disposition policies.

The student group created a website to assist community members who want to research public lands which they will show the SE Uplift Land Use Committee.

The students also took a sample survey and did interviews for their project. We will use this time to determine how best to incorporate the student work into our public land advocacy work in the future. This continues to be a very important issue and I think you will find the student work has distilled something very complex into an approachable issue which the community can use to create strong advocacy strategies.
If you took part in our land disposition workshops last summer, I encourage you to join us again. And if you are new to this issue, this is a fantastic opportunity to get introduced to how you can take part in decisions about your parks and schools land! I hope to see you there on Monday night. As always, snacks provided.

As always, if you have any questions, issues or concerns around land use, sustainability, transportation or planning in your neighborhood, contact Leah at or at 503.232.0010 ext. 214

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