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Meeting minutes are considered an official record after they have been approved by the board, typically at the following month’s meeting. Un-approved minutes are posted for informational purposes, clearly marked as DRAFT, and are subject to later revision.

Minutes are provided in plain text or HTML format for ease of browsing and searching, but the supplied PDF will be the most accurate representation of minutes with regard to formatting. HAND does not conduct official business in August or December, so no minutes are avaiable for those months.



HANDJan2018Minutes/HANDFEB2018Minutes/HANDMarchMinutes/AprilHANDminutes/MAYHAND2018minutes/HANDJune2018Minutes/HAND July 2019revised Minutes/AUGHANDMinutes/HANDSeptMinutes/OctHANDMinutes/HANDNovemberminutes/


January2017minutes/February2017minutes/HANDMarch2017minutes/April2017minutes/MayGeneral2017minutes/June meeting minutes/HandJuly2017Minutes/August2017Minutes/HANDBoardSeptemberMinutes/October2017HANDminutes/HANDNov2017minutesfinal


January (PDF) / February (PDF – DRAFT)/minutesmarch2016/minutesapril2016/minutesmay2016/minutesJune2016/july2016/august2016executiveminutes/september2016minutes/october2016minutes/November2016minutes/HAND December Executive Meeting Minutes


January (PDF) / February (PDF) / March (PDF) / April (PDF) / May (PDF) / June (PDF); June Special Meeting (PDF) / July (PDF) / September (PDF) / October (PDF) / November (PDF)


January (PDF) / February (PDF) / March (PDF) / April (PDF) / May (PDF) / June (PDF) / July (PDF) / September (PDF) / October (PDF) / November (PDF)


January (PDF) / February (PDF) / March / April (PDF) / May (PDF) / June (PDF) / July (PDF) / September (PDF) / October (PDF) / November (PDF)


January (PDF) / February / March (PDF) / April (PDF) / May (PDF) / June (PDF) / July (PDF) / September (PDF) / October (PDF) / November (PDF) /

Some earlier meeting minutes were posted directly to the website.