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HAND Letter to the Mayor and Parks: Rose Circles, Ladd’s Circle and Piccolo Park


HAND Land Use and General Meeting Tuesday February 21, 2017

Land Use Topic: Residential Infill. General Meeting topics: PBOT Mitigation for Neighborhood Clinton Diverters. Ideas for calming traffic, Peds Crossing on Hawthorne also 11th & 12th.

November Traffic Letter


Crosswalks on 26th, Bike sharrows on 21st and speed limit on 11th and 12th

The HAND Board Meeting, cancelled on 1/17 due to the weather, will take place Tuesday January 24. Land Use will begin at 6:30pm, and may extend into the Board Meeting starting at 7:00pm

HAND meeting cancelled due to possible icy conditions

Draft January 2017 HAND Meeting Agenda

draft January 2017 Agenda

HAND Letter of Support for Peds/Bicycle Bridge for 12th/Clinton Max Station


HAND Agenda Tuesday Nov 15th


HAND Draft Agenda Topics for October 18, 2016

Tri-Met update and discussion on Bus Line #4/Division and Residential Infill

Hand Comments on Clinton Diverters