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Neighborhood & Community City Legislative Agenda

If you’re interested in getting involved with issues affecting our neighborhood on a state level, please plan to attend this meeting next week. From Southeast Uplift:

Neighborhood & community city legislative agenda City Council Chambers 1221 SW 4th Tuesday, January 6 7 – 9 PM

Neighborhood, business and other community-based organizations play an integral […]

Learn how to advance your cause at the Oregon Legislature

Citizen Lobby Trainings with 1000 Friends of Oregon, Dec. 3rd: Workshop hosted by SE Uplift, Wed. Dec. 3rd, Learn about Oregon’s legislative process and how to make your voice heard. Gain the skills and techniques you need to be an effective advocate and citizen lobbyist for a cause.

SEE LINK: http://www.portlandonline.com/oni/?c=29385&a=218976

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