10/20/2015, 7:00 pm
Chair: Sue Pearce
Board members present:
Patrick Vinograd
Dave Kaplan
Linda Nettekoven
Michelle Sprague
Claud Gilbert
Jessica Engelman
Chris Eykamp
Joanne Stainbrook
Marilee Tillstrom
Mike Wietecki
Paul Coleman
Quinn Gonzales

Call to Order: 7:07 pm

Approval of September Minutes
CE moves, LN seconds, approved

Approval of Treasurer’s Report
September: CE moves, LN seconds, approved
October: DK moves, CE seconds, approved
Annual Report: PV moves, CE seconds, approved

Neighborhood Safety Report - Leo Yee
Officer Yee not present

Clinton Traffic Diverters - Rich Newlands, PBOT
Updates since last presentation in August
Neighborhood Greenways report calls out need for maintenance of Clinton Greenway
Traffic speed and traffic volume issues are clear
PBOT experience makes clear that diversion is only tool to reduce volumes
Data collected to date suggests non-local traffic is indeed significant share of Clinton traffic
     Eastern diverter moved up to 32nd - any change in focus in area between 21st and 26th? Planning on assessing after initial trial phase
     LN asks about: an advisory group representing a variety of perspectives, and clear list of what traffic counts would be collected to allow a meaningful evaluation. Rich responded that committee would be formed early next year; many traffic counters deployed on/around Clinton
Richmond meeting on November 5 to discuss changes in 30’s

Rail Crossing Safety Treatments - Jennifer Koozer, Teresa Boyer, Trimet
Manual swing gates proposed in July
Received feedback, concerns about accessibility, mobility
TriMet evaluated alternatives - automatic pedestrian gates, bedsteads/switchbacks, manual swing gates
(Signal timing changes are ongoing, considered a separate issue)
Crossing Order - ODOT, Union Pacific, TriMet, City of Portland are subject parties
Focusing on south side of tracks, interim installation to evaluate
Current plan:
1. SE 8th: switchbacks on south side of tracks (both sides of 8th)
2. SE 11th: manual swing gate on south side of tracks (both sides of 11th)
3. SE 12th: triangular curb to make people cross at right angle
Assessment will include cameras monitoring crossings to measure movements before and after
All treatments in by middle of November, cameras in by end of November
There is a formal program to re-assess crossings as development occurs

Brischetto Properties at SE 15th and Clinton - Chris Eykamp
Chris summarized positions of people for and against zone changes as discussed in previous meetings
Board opted to take no action

Proposed Zone Change for People’s Co-op - Chris Eykamp
Broader issue that applies to Palio, Naturopath at SE Clinton and 16th, other properties throughout city
Properties zoned residential, with non-conforming commercial use
City attempting to change non-conforming uses to conforming uses by updating comprehensive plan designations
Non-conforming use imposes limits on hours of operation, uses
Change to commercial designation would remove all limits on use, open door to any commercial use
Jacob Engstrom, People’s Co-op board member, Shaun Furst, People’s Co-op Development Director present: People's was not informed of the zone change until very recently and were added to the map late in the process within the last two weeks of the public comment period.  People's is interested in exploring the possibilities allowed by commercial designation; primarily due to issues they are having with capacity and limited storage space for back inventory.
Mike suggested possibility of sub-zone for these dispersed sites; Chris indicates that’s unlikely to be supported by Planning Bureau. 
Motion to request that three properties (Palio, People’s, Naturopath) retain current comprehensive plan designation of residential with non-conforming use; JS moves; LN seconds; Chris offers amendment to ask for protections/limitations on these properties and similar mixed used-dispersed properties throughout the city; all in favor except: Patrick opposed; Paul abstains; motion approved
Motion to send similar letter adding special criteria for CM1 properties to zoning code; CE moves; JE seconds; all in favor except: Patrick opposed; Paul abstains; motion approved

Motion to call meeting of rapid response committee consisting of all board members present at executive committee meeting next Tuesday, 7:30 pm at Palio; JE moves; CE seconds; approved unanimously

First city council hearing regarding comp plan is November 19, 2pm