Date 10/21/2014, 7:00 pm at St. Philip Neri
Chair: Sue Pearce
Board Members Present:
     Sue Pearce
     Patrick Vinograd
     Paul Coleman
     Joanne Stainbrook
     Liz Potter
     Linda Nettekoven
     Dave Kaplan
     Bill Crawford
     Quinn Gonzales
     Marilee Tillstrom

General Attendance: 
     Chris Eykamp
     Christine Heycke
     Michelle Sprague
     Bill Bailey
     Ryan Brunelle
     Martin Eichinger
     Josh Fuhrer
     Kelly Fedderson
     Dan Pfenning
     Judi Powell
     Amy Lewin
     Anne Pressentin
     Jose Villalpando
     Mark McLeod
     Mary Ann Schwab
     Heather Flint Chatto


PPB Neighborhood Response Team Officer
     Officer Yee not present

Ross Island Bridge Presentation - Ann Pressentin, Jose Villalpando, ODOT
     3 year project to address structural issues and re-paint bridge
     Some noise from rivet removal; all during daylight hours
     No impacts to traffic during daytime

Clinton Triangle/Clinton Station Area/Central Eastside Urban Renewal - Troy Doss, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
     Expected output of discussion is a letter to SE Quadrant Plan
     Existing employment zone east of UP tracks is intact, industrial use. Current BPS recommendation is no change
     Denser mixed use would create non-conforming use, increase traffic.
     Considering mixed use office/retail/housing in triangle
     Would benefit greatly from reconfiguring Powell/Milwaukie intersection
     Fire Bureau does not feel well served by current location
     Note by Sue: inclusion of Clinton Triangle in urban renewal area doesn’t mean urban renewal projects must happen there
     (Discussion summary and Q/A):
     Pedestrian bridge at 16th is high priority, but via funding by Trimet, not urban renewal funds
     Question about how urban renewal area can be expanded ex post facto
     Concern about putting housing immediately adjacent to railroad tracks
     No specific use has been identified or ruled out - if want to suggest a land-banking use, provide input
     Mention to PDC money that had been allocated for waterfront park
     Continued interest in community center
     If site was zoned EX, it would be subject to design review - would bring into central city design review
     Question about using amendment to increase affordable housing percentage - don’t need to increase set-aside to accomplish that
     Can do affordable housing at a mix of incomes
     Paul moves, Bill seconds to send a letter to PDC and city council expressing concern and interest in topic. 
     Motion amended to mention open space funds, pedestrian access, traffic calming
     Patrick moves, Linda seconds; 7 for, 1 abstention, motion passes

Crime Prevention, Car Prowls on SE Division - Jacob Brostoff, Teri Poppino
     (Terry is our neighborhood’s new crime prevention representative)
     Question about whether increase in commercial activity leading to more crime
     Key outreach is to leave car clean; if putting objects in trunk, do so before arriving at your location
     Will send electronic copy of report for distribution
     Report suspicious behavior to non-emergency number 823-3333, dial 0
Division Design Initiative Update - Heather Flint Chatto
     Updating Division Green Street/Main Street plan to incorporate design
     Want to empower neighborhoods and business districts  to participate in planning
     Improve notification and input process
     Data point 80+ % of respondents prefer 2-3 story buildings - need to feed that into zoning process
     Meet monthly every 4th Thursday 6:30-8:30 pm, SE Uplift Fireside Room
     (November meeting is November 12)
20s Bikeway
     Amy expressed concern about alignment of bike route on 28th
     Chris suggests using letter to highlight traffic concerns ask for mitigation
     Paul will revise letter for discussion in November
Division-Powell High Capacity Transit Corridor
     No activity/action needed

Kelly Federson
     Will send out refresher about public meeting process
     Neighborhood small grants are back, due date Jan 5
     Grant workshops on Nov 15 (10 am-noon) and Nov 19 (7-9 pm)

Approval of September Minutes and Financial Statement
     Paul moves, Dave seconds to approve minutes as circulated; 5 for, 3 abstains, motion passes
     Linda moves, Liz seconds, approved unanimously

     Division Openfest: Friday, Oct 24
     Westmoreland Park grand reopening: Saturday, Oct 25
     Richmond NA meeting: November 10, will discuss traffic diversion on Clinton
     Exec committee meeting: October 28, 7:30 pm at Powell Burgerville
     Mixed use zones workshops - see email
     Workshop/meeting about proposed street fee Nov 5 at St. Philip Neri