11/17/2015, 7:00 pm
Chair: Sue Pearce
Board members present:
Patrick Vinograd
Linda Nettekoven
Chris Eykamp
Paul Coleman
Jessica Engelman
Marilee Tillstrom
Mike Wietecki
Quinn Gonzales
Joanne Stainbrook
Michelle Sprague

Call to Order: 7:01 pm

Approval of October Meeting Minutes
Motion to approve; JS moves, JE seconds; approved by consensus

Approval of October Treasurer’s Report
Motion to approve; LN moves, CE seconds; approved by consensus

St. Philip Neri Thanksgiving Event - Mary Ray, St. Philip Neri
Looking for volunteers (especially take-down, greeting outside), also people to bring dishes (sweet potato, cranberry)
Bringing dishes Wednesday noon or later, Carvlin Hall
Thanksgiving Day, 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Email mewittig@gmail.com to volunteer
Motion to donate $200 for Thanksgiving event; PV moves, LE seconds; approved unanimously

City-wide Parking Strategy - Grant Morehead, PBOT
Central City Parking Policy Update
     Private parking zoning code changes
     On-street parking management, including meter pricing adjustment
     Council hearing December 2
Centers and Corridors Parking Project
     Draft study document available on website
     Includes proposal for new residential area permit program
     What does “equity analysis required in all permit areas” mean? Include access to discounted permits to low-income and/or senior housing developments
     Would residential area be able to draw boundaries excluding apartment buildings? Zoning based, so residential zones get priority, but if excess capacity, residents/employees in mixed use zone can buy permits
     Would program as currently proposed help Richmond’s perceived parking issues? Can tweak number of permits versus capacity; small permit boundaries would allow fine-grained control of permit capacity
Open House: Wednesday, November 11, 6-8pm, Portland Building 2nd Floor

Comprehensive Plan - Board Discussion
City council testimony hearing on goals, policies, and comprehensive plan map is from 3-6 pm on Thursday, Nov 19
Transportation Systems Plan is possibly from 2-3
Sign up sheet is open at 1:00 pm
Mixed use dispersed zone letter sent out yesterday
This is not last opportunity for written comments - at least December 10, possibly later
Mixed use zoning discussion draft is getting push-back from other bureaus
What to comment on:
     Mixed use dispersed issue
     Process issues - affected residents and property owners not receiving notice
     TSP comments
          Hawthorne crossing esp. between 20th and 27th
          Delta between 2030 bike plan and TSP
    SE Quadrant
         Building design with sight lines
         Protection for existing homes with conditional use that pre-date existing zoning and will become non-conforming
     TSP projects:
          Projects missing from map app
          Safe crossings in general
          Frame in terms of vision zero
          Chris prop          

Linda: Total letter drafted by Thursday is not enough time - propose to submit comments in stages
Chris proposes to discuss TSP projects at rapid response committee meeting

Official List:
     1. Don’t want isolated commercial sites Palio/Naturopath/People’s Coop to be re-zoned to CM1
     2. Process issues with Comprehensive Plan - lack of notification for affected residents
     3. Scenic resource identification
     4. Protection for existing homes in EG1/Industrial zone with conditional use that pre-date existing zoning and will become non-conforming

Motion to have Chris testify on items 1 and 2 from above list; have Sue testify on items 3 and 4; and also submit testimony in writing; CE moves; LN seconds; 
Linda suggests mentioning Measure 56, affect on property values for neighbors, not just re-zoned property itself;
Motion approved unanimously

Motion to make Nov. and Dec. executive committee meetings rapid response committee meetings; JE moves; LN seconds; approved unanimously

Directors and Chairs - Robert McCullough - SEUL/Eastmoreland 
Coalition leaders had 2.5 hour discussion of Comprehensive Plan - bulk of time spent on process issues
Lack of transparency in decision making
Plan to read summary of findings at council testimony

HAND Holiday Event
Third Tuesday - December 15 - in lieu of board meeting

Executive Committee Meeting - Tuesday, Nov. 24, 7:30pm at Palio
Friends of Trees planting in HAND/Richmond/Brooklyn: Sat, Dec 5, 8:45am-1:00 pm
     Central Christian Church at 1844 SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd (at Stephens)
Abernethy PTA preparedness event December 8

Meeting Adjourned: 9:08 pm