Date 11/18/2014, 7:00 pm at St. Philip Neri
(Notes taken by Paul Coleman, re-formatted by Patrick Vinograd)
Chair: Sue Pearce
Board Members Present:
     Sue Pearce
     Paul Coleman
     Liz Potter
     Linda Nettekoven
     Dave Kaplan
     Quinn Gonzales
     Marilee Tillstrom

General Attendance:
     Chris Eykamp
     Barbara Strunk
     Michelle Sprague
     Dennis ?
     Mark McLeod
     Kathleen Youell
     Dave Shanley
     Kari Schlosshauer


PPB Neighborhood Response Team Officer
     Officer Yee not able to attend due to training

Approval of October Meeting Notes
     DK moves to approve, LP seconds; Approved unanimously

Approval of Treasurer’s Report
     LN moves to approve, PC seconds; Approved unanimously

     Sue ran into Officer Yee and he mentioned to follow the same message about car prowl prevention
     Doorstep delivery prowl prevention
     Air B&B notices (several) arrived at SE Uplift informing of domiciles being available on Air B&B (to be posted online)
     New Art Mural (Meeting on Oct 15) 729 SE Powell Blvd
     Thanksgiving week shopping at New Seasons will have parking available at St Philips Church lot
     Hawthorne Holiday Stroll – Nov 29 (12 -4)
     Discussion about Leaf Pick in Ladd’s and Colonial Heights on NextDoor (led by Dave K)
          1 pickup vs 2; no parking with tow away
          57 people replied without a final consensus in the discussion
          People are upset that the leaf pick up is too early
          Possible 3rdpickup on Dec 17th(focused problem streets) 

Ratification of the Friends of Trees donation (maximum 200 US dollars)
     PC moves, LP seconds; Approved unanimously

Demo/dev resolution (Barb Strunk)
     Member of United Neighbors for Reform
     Loss of sustainable fabric of our neighborhood
     Many houses being lost
     Letter is feedback from 38 neighborhood meetings
     Only focus on single family residences
     General statement that the city needs to make changes on how demos and rebuilds happen in this city
     Demos that benefit developers and not neighborhoods (wasting of good, affordable houses)
     Focus on houses that are being bought with intention of demolition and rebuild
     No management of Lead or Asbestos removal (no protection of workers or neighborhoods)
     Replacement houses are bigger and more expensive (135% of size increase; 138% of price increase)
     Lot splitting and slim houses
     Asking for:
          Auto 35 day delay
          Notice of demolition sent to neighbors (currently no notice)
          Written definitions of demolition, major and minor renovation
          Remodels vs demolitions
          Adhere to federal and state lead rules
          Citizen committee for setbacks and codes
          Code languages for select neighborhoods
     Development Review Advisory Board meeting at Dec 17, 3:30 pm
          Intend to present this resolution at the meeting
     PC motioned, LN seconded; 4 in favor, 1 abstain, 1 opposed, motion passes
     Action: Sue to send email to stating that we are in support of the resolution

St Philip Neri Thanksgiving Dinner
     11-12:30 on Nov 27 / Carlvin Hall @ 2408 SE 16thAve
     Serves up to 60 people
     Sponsored by New Seasons and St Philip Neri
     LP moves, PC seconds 100 US dollar donation; Approved Unanimously

Clinton Triangle/PDC Amendment
     Dec 3, 3:30 city council meeting on this topic (workshop)
     Dec 17 city council meeting on this PDC topic (public discussion)
     PC moves, LN seconds that Sue write a letter to PDC; Approved Unanimously
     Sue to write a letter based upon October motion where the Board has interest in expressing support for thoughtful and useful development but that questions still remain open on the intent of the overall project and why the city wants this to be a part of the urban renewal boundaries.

Clinton Triangle Station Area
- pushed to the January meeting or later

Letter to Multnomah County
     Property at 1949 SE Division (the Triangle)
     Letter to County Commissioner asking where the public involvement was during the transfer of the property from REACH to CVI
     LN moves, LP & MK second; Approved Unanimously

NE/SE 20s Bikeway
     Updated draft to PBOT
     PC moves, LN seconds; Approved Unanimously

Division Design Initiative Update
     Motion to extend the design initiative west of 29thalong Division
     Letter of support for the grant proposal (for SE Uplift small grants)
     LN moves, LP seconds (That HAND recognizes the importance of extending the Division Design Guidelines West of 29thAve along Division)

Donation to RiseUp
     Pushed to the January meeting or later

Clinton Street Motor Vehicle Traffic
     Kari Schlosshauer provided an update on safety concerns of Clinton
     Paul moves, LN seconds writing a letter asking for a traffic study on SE Clinton; Approved Unanimously

Holiday Event
     6 pm potluck at Linda’s house (not an official meeting, no business will be conducted)