Date: 1/20/2015, 7:00 PM at St. Philip Neri
(Notes taken by Bill Crawford, re-formatted by Patrick Vinograd)
Chair: Sue Pearce (SP)
Board Members Present:
     Bill Crawford (BC)
     Linda Nettekoven (LN)
     Dave Kaplan (DK)
     Liz Potter (LP)
     Quinn Gonzales (QG)
     Marilee Tillstrom (MT)
     Paul Coleman (PC)

Roughly 11 others present

PPB Neighborhood Response Team Officer
     Officer Yee report on safety-- early December there were 68 Subarus stolen. Easy to steal by jiggling key. Forensic officers came out and got prints. Female arrested in stolen car. Main suspect arrested on Sunday.
     Call the precinct if any Subarus have lingered long on the street. Don’t leave valuables in cars. Numerous car prowls outside bars. write down serial numbers on valuables.

Approval of October and November Minutes
     Postponed. No votes.

Approval of Treasurer's Report (Dave Kaplan)
     Motion by LN. Second by DK. Approved unanimously

Rock and Roll Half Marathon (Steven Bletzo, Waterfront activities coordinator)
     The race will start on West Side and finish coming down Hawthorne. 10k race will use the Eastbank Esplanade.
     Sunday May 18 8:00 AM until 10:00 AM. One neighbor complained of loud, terrible music two blocks from her house. Issue of using the Esplanade in a competition race. HAND notified because part of Esplanade used even though not in the neighborhood section.
     DK Motion to support org in these issues.. LN seconded. SP amended saying HAND to support support such races hence forth. DK agreed. Approved unanimously

Hosford Middle School Fun Run
     Casual 5k run/walk with students Sunday May 3 10:00 AM until 11:00 AM. Will run through Ladds Addition. Community builder and fundraiser. Will build awareness of school and help fund immersion programs and PTA. No vote, but general board agreement.

Comp Plan Update (Marty Stockton, Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability)
     4 upcoming public hearings on the plan.
     Parcel specific map changes to zoning on 20k properties in city. Mostly corrections of non-conforming uses. 2,700 pieces of testimony.     
     5/12/15 target date bureau to vote on recommendation to Council. September for Council hearing.
     3/15/15 is deadline for public comments.
     Proposal to designate Division, Hawthorne, Belmont as town centers in certain areas.
     Richmond Neighborhood is anti. Sunnyside has no position but discussed scale. Buckman commentary coming in via individuals. No stance yet.
     HAND changes: 20th-15th on Hawthorne South and North non-conforming; Palio’s in Ladd’s Addition non-conforming; 27th and Division two residential requests to add to mixed use; 16th and Clinton non-conforming -- could change houses next door as well. Lots of opposition to changing zoning by houses; Powell to be designated mixed-use urban corridor, ODOT not in support, they want civic corridor designation; 21st and Clinton

     Liz Potter will be resigning from the Board at end of the current term due to store reassignment to Hawthorne from Seven Corners taking her out of the HAND neighborhood.
     Joanne Stainbrook will be resigning from the Board at the end of the current term.
     Lafayette Street Ped Bridge near Powell Park under construction
     One home business renewal; BC Motion to support, PC seconds, Approved unanimously

     Division Design Initiative: Motion LN for letter of support, PC seconded, Approved unanimously
     Demolition definition changes in RICAP hearing on 2/12
     SE Quad 2/14, 2/19 open house at ORHF
     PDC ammendment hearing on Wed 29, Thurs in Council
     CEI Parking Study meeting 2/29 Mult Bldg. 6:00 PM
     Langlitz Leather cell tower request for variance will have only fense with no foliage. Too late to comment

Meeting adjourned