Date: 2/17/2015, 7:00 pm at St. Philip Neri

Chair: Sue Pearce (SP)
Board Members Present:
     Dave Kaplan (DK)
     Liz Potter (LP)
     Quinn Gonzales (QG)
     Paul Coleman (PC)
     Linda Nettekoven (LN)
     Marilee Tillstrom (MT)
     Patrick Vinograd (PV)
     Bill Crawford (BC)

General Attendance:
     Michael Wade, Rex Fisher, Michelle Sprague, Tim Brooks, Jessica Engelman, Susan Duck, Sallie Lorenz, Coral Egnew, Della Shanley, Gary Lacher

Minutes Approval
PC moves to approve November minutes as circulated, LZ seconds; passes unanimously
LN moves to approve January minutes with minor clarification, DK seconds; passes unanimously

Neighborhood Safety - Leo Yee
Officer Yee was not present

Bureau of Planning and Sustainability - Troy Doss
Open House for SE Quadrant Plan - this Thursday, 2/19/2015, 4-7pm at ORHF
Focus on Station Area Planning for OMSI and Clinton
Possibly implement master plan process
Also looking at non-conforming residences near station area, but looking for city-wide solution
Includes possible zoning changes - most likely overlay on Division below 12th

TriMet - Coral Egnew
Quiet Zone - at 9th, 11th, 12th, effective March 1
at operator’s discretion
also opening bus-only lane adjacent to multi-use path between 9th and 11th
currently still tuning and testing signal phasing

TriMet Marketing - Della Shanley
Planning celebration of opening of Orange Line, Tillikum Bridge, September 12
Several events about design/engineering of bridge, update of bridge poster
Preview rides - invitation only through TriMet
Bridge Pedal - August 9
Fireworks - August 22
Approval to close Gideon if so desired
Board will put together a committee to organize - Clinton station only

Hosford Middle School - 
5k fundraiser, to PTSA fund 
75% go to instruments for band, drama, new technology
25% to immersion program
DK moves to donate $500, LN seconds; PV opposed, all others in favor, motion approved

Neighborhood Cleanup - Bill Crawford
Consensus decision to hold cleanup on April 25, 2015
Bill suggests skipping yard waste this year as it has gotten little use since weekly yard waste collection started

19th Avenue Pocket Park Grant
Joanne, Linda, Amy Lewin met with folks from New Day School
Pursuing grant from garden club
No further details, no board action

Land Use Items
Application for solar array in Ladd’s Historic District - Planning Bureau said too conspicuous, decision was appealed to Landmarks Commission
DK moves to adopt letter drafted by Joanne Stainbrook in support of solar panels, PV seconds; approved unanimously

Garage Demolition at 16th and Holly - retroactive support for demolition that already occurred when structure collapsed
Applicants seeking support for a proposal to waive improper demolition fine and build a garage/ADU in line with historic district guidelines
DK moves, LN seconds a motion supporting proposal - existing renovation of main structure has been a good project, fitting in character with the neighborhood and consistent with goals of historic district. ADU would be on a double lot and fits in with citywide goals of increasing density. 
6 votes for, 2 abstentions; motion passes

Movies in the Park
Motion for Paul to work with Allen, contribute a minimum of $200 from Communications Funds
PC moves, BC seconds; motion passes unanimously

Comp Plan - Linda
Draft letter from working group that met with Marty Stockton, to be sent to Planning Commission by March 13
[ Walkabout to look at non-conforming housing from 12th-17th at 1:00 pm on Friday March 6 ]
Minor changes relative to draft - include Palio, Hankins locations in non-conforming uses
Extensive discussion about various points of the proposed letter
No consensus was reached, and a follow up meeting and possible Executive Committee rapid response meeting will be called to deliver a latter in time for the March 13 deadline. 

Mixed use zone workshops
Will be similar parking/transportation-focused open houses in the future