[ A meeting of the Executive Rapid Response Committee was held on 3/8/2015. The minutes from that meeting are included below. The actions of that meeting were ratified by the full board at this meeting.]

Date: 3/17/2015, 7:00 pm at St. Philip Neri

Chair: Sue Pearce
Board Members:
Liz Potter
Linda Nettekoven
Bill Crawford
Patrick Vinograd
Dave Kaplan
Paul Coleman
Quinn Gonzales

Approval of February Minutes
LN moves, LP seconds; approved unanimously

Approval of Treasurer’s Report
PV moves, BC seconds, approved unanimously

Mixed Used Zoning Concept - Bill Cunningham, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Mixed use zoning will account for ~50% of future household growth, along with commercial and employment uses
Does not address: parking, central city, design review, residential zones
Currently doing concept development; will move on to code development May/June 2015, Public Adoption July/Fall 2015
Streamlining commercial zones - CM1/CM2/CM3/CE
Exploring bonus systems for public benefits
Benefits: affordable housing, affordable commercial, historic preservation, public space, community services, green futures, design review
Overlay zone for core of centers - limit auto-intensive uses
Map small number of comprehensive plan designations onto a range of zones
Design and development standards:
     Limit street wall height on narrower streets - step back for higher floors (i.e. after 3rd story for CM2 zone)
     Require building articulation to reduce massing
     Ground-floor active use, roofline variety
     Height transitions and buffering to single-dwelling zones
     Full block zoning transitions - again help to transition to residential zones
     Ground floor window coverage
     Street frontage - entry frequency
     Outdoor space for residential zones
     Neighborhood notification requirements
     Shared parking
     Will bonus system take into account possibility of inclusionary zoning? would be a significant change, would still likely allow add’l affordable housing as bonuses
     Would 1-story with no setback be allowed abutting residential? Yes, is part of proposal
     Concerned about transferability of bonuses - doesn’t offset for local residents - bonus needs to mitigate effects of development in negative
     Concerned about stacking bonuses
     Will soundproofing be addressed w.r.t. adjacent mixed uses? Not part of zoning code itself, but may be a recommendation for general city code. Soundproofing is state-wide building code.
     Any efforts to establish minimum FAR, i.e. to limit single-story development? May be a minimum building height in core areas
     63% of commercial mixed use is purely residential, ~80% includes some residential
     What percentage of developments are likely to use bonuses? Back of envelope calculation was about 10% of projects will pursue affordable housing.
     How much affordable housing to qualify for bonus? 10% of units
Project at SE Ladd and Division - Community Visions
Seven Corners community collaborative - space for several non-profits to have affordable commercial space
Land donated through county
Work includes affordable housing for people with disabilities - both home ownership and rental
Ground floor retail
Interested in helping seniors with accessibility issues, not just people with disabilities
Conference room space, potentially open to community
Interest in library in retail space if possible
Would like letter of support after April presentation

Neighborhood Cleanup - Bill Crawford
Date is set for April 25 
Bill is organizing; shift sign ups in back of room.

May General Meeting
Need to brainstorm topics of interest
Also losing a couple board members
Possible topics:
     Division design toolkit
     Clinton triangle/light rail, including parking
     Use of Piccolo parks fund
     Suggestion from attendee: provocative topic like permit parking to raise attendance

Planned Demolition at 2726/2740 SE 26th
No strong feelings about need for demolition delay

Ratification of Rapid Response Committee Actions
Letter to BPS regarding Comprehensive Plan
     Motion to ratify letter as drafted by rapid response committee
     DK moves, LP seconds; approved unanimously
HAND involvement for $2500 grant from Portand Garden Club for water catchment system
     Name Sheri Earnshaw from New Day School as coordinator
     Motion to ratify rapid response committee action
     (New Seasons Seven Corners has raised several hundred dollars for project via in-store benefit)
     BC moves, LP seconds; approved unanimously

     Save our Elms - 20 new trees in the ground
     High Capacity Transit Steering Committee - making progress; still studying 50th/52nd but most likely 82nd for transition from Division to Powell
     Division Design Initiative - received $2000 grant from SEUL - hired design team, ensuring design guidelines will mesh with BPS, Comp Plan, etc; applying for another grant to do pilot program
     Centers and Corridors Parking Committee, Central City Parking Committee making progress

     Work party at Avalon Sanctuary - Saturday, 3/21, 10am-1pm
     Clinton Street Greenway 30th birthday planning meeting - Saturday, 3/21 2pm at Bollywood Theater
     SEUL grant celebration - Tuesday, 3/31, 7-8:30pm at New Space Center for Photography
     Executive Committee meeting Tuesday, 3/24, 7:30pm at Palio

Rapid Response Committee Meeting
Date: 3/8/2015, at the home of Linda Nettekoven

Executive Committee Members present:
Sue Pearce
Bill Crawford
Patrick Vinograd
Paul Coleman
Joanne Stainbrook

Others present:
Linda Nettekoven
Marillee Tillstrom
Michelle Sprague

The committee made further revisions to the proposed letter to Planning and Sustainability Council regarding the Comprehensive Plan.
Motion to accept the letter as it was developing during this committee meeting (no substantive changes were made after this motion). Paul Coleman moved, Joanne Stainbrook seconded; approved unanimously.

The subcommittee/group working on the SE 19th Park/Avalon Sanctuary project proposed to apply for a $2500 grant from the Portland Garden Club, funds to be used to build a water catchment system. The funds would be maintained by SEUL on behalf of HAND, and Sheri Earnshaw from New Day School would have spending authority for these funds. 
Motion to accept this proposal, with proviso that the board receive periodic updates about the project. Bill Crawford moves, Paul Coleman seconds; approved unanimously.