Date: 4/21/2015
Chair: Sue Pearce

Board Members Present: 
Dave Kaplan
Joanne Stainbrook
Linda Nettekoven
Liz Potter
Marilee Tillstrom
Paul Coleman
Patrick Vinograd
Bill Crawford
Quinn Gonzales

PPB Neighborhood Response - Leo Yee
Typical issues - car prowls, parking contention, aggressive panhandling
Can call neighborhood response officer (Tony Zanetti) any time, call precinct and ask to be transferred
Another uptick in Subaru thefts

Approval of March Minutes
JS moves, LN seconds approval of minutes as revised; approved

Approval of Treasurer’s Report
PV moves, JS seconds

TriMet - PMLR Preview Rides - Coral Egnew
Clinton Station - limited to evening rides on Thursdays 
Tentative date: June 11, 7:00 pm
Need point person to organize 

Lower Powell Boulevard Project - Bureau of Environmental Services - Matt Gough
Lower Powell Green Street and Sewer Project
Noise variance to do night work along Powell
Replacing 4500 feet of old sewer, large number of green street facilities
Work starting late August, total timeframe 15 months
Can get on project update email list by emailing with “lower powell” in subject line

Portland Streetcar Changes - Julie Gustafson, Dan Bower
Eastside service will connect in a loop with South Waterfront once Tilikum Crossing opens
Broadway Bridge inaccessible to streetcar due to painting project - 8-10 weeks starting in May
Viable options - run bus shuttle or suspend service; bus shuttle would cost ~500,000 dollars for entire bridge closure
Proposing to suspend streetcar during that time; streetcar pass holders will get TriMet pass
Can send feedback to

Streetcar-only fare increase - planning on moving to $2 fare once service increases in September
End of 2016 - TriMet/Streetcar/C-Tran moving to single electronic fare system

Clinton Greenway 30th Anniversary Celebration - Kari Schlosshauer
Events starting in May to celebrate and promote Clinton’s status as a neighborhood greenway
Bike to Shop - May 17-21 - business supporting local shopping by bike - incentives, etc.
Work party - May 3, probably at Piccolo, promoting BIke to Shop, Bike to Work/School Month, safety reminders
Tour ride of entire bikeway from Tilikum to I-205 - May 17
Rides will be announced on shift2bikes calendar:

Community Vision Project - SE Ladd and Division - Joe Wykowski
3000 feet of retails space; offices above, community conference space, accessibility demonstration kitchen
Sustainability features - green roof, green walls, landscaping
Entry/exit from parking area is on Ladd, no car egress on Division
Alley not suitable for vehicle access; will be used for trash pickup
Will meet with Ladd’s Addition Historic Resources Committee

2516 SE Division Development - Various affected neighbors
Rebecca Copenhager - neighbor to south of proposed development, zoned R2.5
Height adjustment - 42 feet from 35 feet
Setback adjustment - 6 inches - 5’4” from 8 feet
Loading space adjustment - no loading zone
Believes adjustments to not equally or better meet purpose of zoning code
Would like letter to planner conducting review by April 27th

Evan Campbell - resident in Clinton Condominiums
Concerns about views, mass
Another neighbor concerned about existing loading, trucks double parking

Marty Eichinger - property owner; architect from Waterleaf Architects
Attempting to re-use infrastructure improvements from 2007
Conflicting requirements for Main Street Overlay, standard zoning for abutting R2.5 zone

Motion to write letter site plan outlining loading zone; request that balconies not face adjoining residential property
JS moves, LN seconds; LN, JS, PC, MT, PV vote for, DK opposes; motion approved

SE 15th and Clinton Zone Change - Matt Brischetto
SW corner of SE 15th and Clinton
4 Sears-Roebuck houses owned by Amato family, currently zone R2
Would like mixed use zoning, compatible with any of three options:
     Registration as historic landmark, transfer development rights to rehabilitate structures
     Keep structures but for alternative use - adaptive re-use into commercial/retail
     New structures but compatible with neighborhood
Not interested in new envelope construction
BPS has current proposal for this property for mixed use dispersed zoning

Motion to support changing to mixed use dispersed zoning, with expectation that efforts will be made to preserve the buildings
hopefully with historic preservation in mind; consistent with goals for Clinton
DK moves, LN seconds; approved unanimously
DK will draft letter to council

Neighborhood Cleanup
Cleanup this weekend, Saturday April 25, 9-1

May General Meeting
Board elections
Sue soliciting topics
Will attempt to not have any board business

Exec committee meeting, Monday April 27, 7:30 at Palio