5/19/2015, 7:00 pm

Chair: Sue Pearce
Board Members Present:
     Joanne Stainbrook
     Liz Potter
     Bill Crawford
     Marilee Tillstrom
     Patrick Vinograd
     Paul Coleman
     Dave Kaplan

Call to Order     

Neighborhood Response Officer Report - Leo Yee, PPB
     Car prowls
     Auto/bicycle/pedestrian conflicts on Clinton
Powell High Crash Corridor - Shelli Romero, Nate, ODOT
     Safety project from SE 20th to SE 34th - 3.8 million
     Dedicated left turn signal on SE 26th
     3 rapid flash beacons with pedestrian refuges
         (SE 24th, 31st, 34th) 
     ADA ramp improvements
    Public process late this summer
    28th crossing is still awaiting approval by state traffic engineer
    Jurisdictional transfer - finances are sticking point
    Tree code interferes with tree removal/pruning?
    ORS apparently makes speed limit change not feasible?
    State freight route makes lane width 12 feet minimum?
    Long term traffic projections? 

Powell/Division Rapid Transit - Dana, Radcliffe - TriMet
     Next high capacity transit project
     Incorporating land use study with transit planning
     Still considering crossover from Powell to Division - 82nd most likely, considering 50th/52nd
     Starting construction 2018
     Electric buses are being considered
     Lots of ideas being considered for dealing with lack of right of way from 12th to 39th
          Flyovers, median change, reversible lanes

Ross Island Bridge Painting Project - Ann Presentin, ODOT
     Prep work beginning in June, Sand-blasting beginning July
     Lane closures but no bridge closures
     Any sidewalk closures will have flaggers to allow pedestrian access

Permit Parking - Jay Rogers, PBOT
     Mini-Area Parking Permit Program
     Permits are $60/year each
     Letter from neighborhood association is required
     No guaranteed enforcement frequency
Right 2 Dream Too - Trillium Shannon, Ibrahim Mubarak
     Currently at NW 4th and Burnside
     Proposed to move to SE 3rd and Harrison
     Provide safe place for houseless to sleep unbothered
     Connect them with resources to become productive
     24 hour security provided by members
     Provide men’s tent, women’s tent, couple’s tent; transgender/same-sex friendly
     Always find space for people escaping domestic violence
     Since 2011, 250 people have found housing, 235 employed, 17 women able to keep babies, 35 quit extensive drug habits
     Teach dietary skills, maintenance skills, independence
     Average length of stay? some for a night, some for multiple years, become leaders and members
     Suggestion that moving away from downtown will decrease visibility, out of sight out of mind
     Won’t increase capacity with move to SE, but would like to add sites in other places where houseless are located
     Decision to move is not final - Right 2 Dream Too is concerned about access to services, toxicity of land
Orange Line Opening
     Event planning for September 12 ongoing
     Preview Ride June 11

Oil Trains
     To be discussed as a topic at a future meeting

SE Quadrant Plan
     Consensus discussion of topics of interest to neighborhood:
     Protection for residences in industrial district
     Same issue for area S of Clinton between 12th and 21st
     Traffic management on SE 11th and 12th
     Greenway bike route around city
     Zone change in Clinton Triangle area, allowing mixed use
     Advocate affordable housing on Fire Station property
     Missing 14 year old girl
     Thank you from Hosford Middle School for donation, participation in 5k
     Bike to shop week on Clinton

Board Elections
          Patrick Vinograd, Paul Coleman, Chris Eykamp, Jessica Engelman, Mike Wietecki, Claud Gilbert, Michelle Sprague
     Bill Crawford moves; Lucinda seconds motion to elect above as a slate; approved unanimously
     Election: All but one in favor; Chris opposes; slate elected

Exec Committee: Palio, next Tuesday at 7:30