6/16/2015, 7:00 pm

Chair: Sue Pearce
Board Members present:
     Joanne Stainbrook
     Claud Gilbert
     Jessica Engelman
     Bill Crawford
     Paul Coleman
     Quinn Gonzales
     Michelle Sprague    
     Mike Wietecki
     Linda Nettekoven
     Chris Eykamp

Call to order (7:06 pm)

Neighborhood Response Officer - Leo Yee
     Typical issues - theft, car prowls, bike thefts
     Uptick in homeless issues (drinking, unwanted person) due to recent camp sweeps
     Question about resources for people needing help who don’t speak English
     High speed chase through neighborhood on 6/15 - started with simple traffic stop

Oil Train Risk and Preparedness - Chief Zavodsky, Lt. Profit, PF&R Hazmat
     Trains coming through neighborhood are not the extremely volatile Bakken crude
     UP cars are carrying bitumen or tar sands oil, heading to refineries in CA
     Non-pressurized rail cars; 30,000 gallons of liquid, some air space
     Metal fatigues at air space due to heating
     No blast effect, no fragmentation; large initial fireball, followed by burning of remaining fuel
     One rail car in Lynchburg VA burned for 4 hours
     Route: Come along I-84 to where I-5 hits, through Albina Yards, then through HAND over 17th street overpass to Brooklyn 
     PF&R gets very general info from railroads; no exact times or places 
     Do get weekly information - right now 2/week, at peak oil prices, was 4-6 per week. 
     Emergency Response Guides recommend 1/2 mile evacuation and isolation
     Hazmat placard 1267 = crude oil
     PF&R Hazmat is at Station 7, SE 122nd and Market
     Every PF&R firefighter is trained to Hazmat operator level, able to perform initial response
     Gresham and Tualatin Valley F&R have Hazmat teams with cooperative agreements
     Immediate response would be 5 engines, 2 or more trucks, Hazmat team, multiple chiefs, etc. 
     Recommend residents subscribe to alerts via Community Emergency Notification System

HAND Response to Relocation of Right 2 Dream Too
     [Background info provided by Linda Nettekoven, Sue Pearce]
     City plans to relocate encampment to SE 3rd and Harrison
     No recent updates from City Hall
     City is currently looking at environmental issues with moving people to this location
     May provide an opportunity for larger investigation into neighborhood air quality
     Many feeling frustration about this issue in isolation without seeing where it fits in with larger initiatives from city/county/others
     Focus on people seeking permanent housing, needing transitory shelter; strict drug and alcohol rules
          Does mean some people are not interested in services offered by Right 2 Dream Too
     Moving due to owner of current property wishing to sell
     Provide shelter for couples, people with pets
     Have helped at least 200 people find permanent housing, have helped many find jobs
     Question about effectiveness of Right 2 Dream Too’s security
          Officer Yee says he’s heard that their self-governance is effective
     Policy bureau was doing community policing (like on Hawthorne) last year in Central Eastside
          Effort collapsed due to personell changes in police bureau
     Board comments/questions:
     MW: Focus on three considerations:
          Whether Right 2 Dream Too is acceptable precedent - tenet of allowing camping on public property
          If so, do we support the location
          If both of the above, what information do we need from city and R2DToo, what contingencies or limitations
     JE: Letter describe ambivalence in community; would like to emphasize that HAND is open to helping the city with some aspect of this issue - whether Right 2 Dream Too or some alternative
     JE: Wish this was an expansion rather than a move
     CE: Answers: No idea about question 1; no problem with location, though think it is terrible for R2DToo. Very frustrated with city’s behavior in this matter.
     PV: Believe camping on public land is acceptable use until there are sweeping societal changes in how we treat homelessness; may be a band aid but sometimes a band aid is helpful. No objections to site. Would like proposed letter rephrased to give agency to R2DToo. 
     BC: Is R2DToo buying land? Answer: No, city is buying land from ODOT
     Neighbor comments/questions:
     Roz ?: Went to prior discussion - appears to be a done deal; other initiatives have nothing to do with this.
          6-8 homeless people sleeping in wall behind Safeway
          How do we deal with people who don’t get in; how do we deal with people who leave in the morning
     [LN] Talk of some services being brought to site
     Bob Prochner: Concern that accepting city’s word that they are housing people in tent camps; breaking current laws and zoning ordinances, allowing payoffs from other neighborhoods; will attract more homeless people to area; were already homeless people in that site, city swept them out and put “illegal campsite” signs up
     [SP] CEIC is looking at alternate sites, zoning, city code issues
     Neighbor: Would like perspective of people currently experiencing homelessness
     Neighbor: No idea it was a brownfield; part of problem with access is some have been excluded from transit; what is timeline?
     [SP] No answer re timeline
     Neighbor: Biggest issue is that it’s being shoved down throats of all SE neighborhoods
     No action; will pause conversation, invite Jules Bailey, Amanda Fritz, CEIC representatives  
     Sue proposes meeting on Tuesday June 30, pending confirmation of attendees
 Avalon Park - Linda Nettekoven
     Grant funds held in SEUL, reimbursement time is problematic for Sherri 
     Linda and Sherri met with Ash and Kelly from SEUL; SEUL is okay with HAND incurring expenses and Sherri submitting invoices to reimburse HAND
     Avalon Park subcommittee 
     Motion to allow reimbursement system allowing project coordinator to incur expenses as specified in Budget up to total funds available $600, get reimbursed by HAND treasurer, and submit invoices to SEUL, with monthly reporting by Dave; Bill seconds; amend motion to set up dedeicated account if deemed feasible by Treasurer; Chris moves; Bill seconds; All but 1 in favor; Michelle Sprague opposed; motion passes

Proposed Neighborhood Notification Requirements for Proposed Development - Linda Nettekoven
     Proposed by Division Design Initiative    
     Intended to take effect in near term in order to bridge gap to notification requirements of Comp Plan
    Motion to support resolution as presented as a valuable interim measure; Chris moves; Claud seconds; approved unanimously

Approval of minutes
     April and May meeting minutes accepted by consensus
     Consensus board is okay with posting draft minutes immediately as recommended by Oregon open meeting laws, will be clearly marked as draft minutes

Letter supporting Mayor Hales recommendations for street safety improvements - Patrick Vinograd
     Letter circulated before meeting commends renewed attention to safety and Vision Zero; HAND in favor of experimental traffic diversion on Clinton
     Recommended amendments: 
          Mention street classification review issue
          Mention that goal should be to diver traffic back to Division, not to other neighborhood streets
          State that car traffic is above greenway targets rather than that it is increasing, which is debatable. 
     Michelle asks about acknowledging industrial users below 21st; letter will not speak for or against any particular location
     Motion to accept letter with amendments; Bill moves: Chris seconds; approved unanimously

Summer Events
     Movies in the park  - August 22 in Sewallcrest Park;
          Richmond Neighborhood Association asking $250 donation, same as last year
          Motion to donate $250 from communications budget; Bill moves; Linda seconds; all but 1 in favor, Claud abstains; motion passes
     Division-Clinton Business Association Street Fair in July
          Motion to give $100; Bill moves; Chris seconds; all but 2 in favor; Claud, Jessica abstain; motion passes
     Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association Street Fair in mid-August
          Motion to give $100; optimally from communications funds; Bill moves; Jessica seconds; all but 4 in favor; Claud, Mike, Chris, Jessica abstain; motion passes
     National Night Out ice cream social - Tuesday, August 4
          Motion to allocate $50 for expenses; Bill moves; Chris seconds; approved unanimously
          Paul volunteers to head up planning

     Community town hall with Rep. Rob Nosse regarding traffic safety Saturday June 27, 11am-1pm at Community Music Center (3350 SE Francis)
     PBOT Parking Summit Monday June 29 in Portland Building Auditorium (2nd floor)
          1-6 pm: Program - RSVP
          6-8 pm: Reception/open house

Officer Elections
     Chair: Sue Pearce
     Vice Chair: Chris Eykamp
     Secretary: Patrick Vinograd
     Treasurer: Dave Kaplan
     Communications Chair: Paul Coleman
     Motion to elect above slate of officers; Linda seconds; Bill moves; Linda seconds; all but 1 in favor; Chris opposed; slate elected

     Land Use Chair/Committee: Mike Wietecki as Chair, Claud Gilbert, Michelle Sprague on committee
     SEUL Representative: Bill Crawford
     SEUL Land Use/Transportation Committee Representative: Jessica Engelman

     Motion to elect above Bill Crawford as SEUL Board member, Jessica Engelman as SEUL Land Use/Transportation Committee Representative; Chris moves; Linda seconds; approved unanimously
     Motion to elect Claud as second delegate to Division Design Initiative, replacing Paul Coleman; Chris moves; Bill seconds; approved unanimously

     Paul volunteers to write column for SE Examiner
Meeting adjourned
Executive committee: Tuesday, June 23, 7:30 pm at Palio
Possible additional meeting regarding Right 2 Dream Too: Tuesday, June 30, 7:00 pm