Date: 6/17/2014, 7:00 pm
Chair: Sue Pearce
      Sue Pearce
      Patrick Vinograd
      David Kaplan
      Bill Crawford
      Joanne Stainbrook
      Linda Nettekoven
      Michelle Sprague
      Marty Stockton - Portland Bureau of Planning Sustainability SE Liason

Neighborhood Crime Report - Officer Yee unavailable

Approval of April and May meeting minutes
      April - not all edits/revisions have been incorporated - postponing approval
      May - Bill moves, Linda seconds accepting minutes with minor typographical errors corrected by Sue, approved unanimously

Land Use/Property Update - Marty Stockton
      Comprehensive Plan Update
      Map of approximately 11 sites in HAND with proposed changes
      Primarily long-standing non-conforming commercial business
      Hankins Hardware, several other properties on Hawthorne and Division
      Bureau of Development Services - change designation of Palio to low-intensity commercial
      Bill Crawford asked about Clinton Street Apartments - Legare's coffee shop shut down by neighbors
            Proposed change to storefront commercial.
      Piccolo Park - R2.5 to Open Space
      "Campus institutions" - large hospitals/universities 25 acres or larger.        
      PPS proposes high school campuses with this designation, including  Cleveland High School
      Linda question: does campus designation for schools require master plan?
            Answer: probably not, but development guidelines
      Linda question: public process needed for selling school, which would include zone change?
              Answer: don't know, but note only applies to high schools
      Joanne question: how does campus designation affect open space
            Answer: existing open space owned by Parks continue to be zoned as open space
      Michelle question: asked about residential use in EG1 zone between Clinton, railroad tracks
            Answer: EG1 allows residential with conditional use permit, or else pre-dates zoning as EG1
      Process: providing preview - city-wide map to be released in July
      West of 12th part of Central City plan, separate process
      Comp plan update looking at prohibiting residential uses in EG zones to avoid eating away at employment zones in city
      Once in 30 year opportunity for both city and neighborhood association to do housekeeping on map.
      Article in Curbsider - will be able to see Comp Plan Map App around July 21.  
      Public hearings begin in September - at least 4 hearings: 2 downtown, 2 elsewhere in the city
      All affected properties will receive 2 rounds of notification in July and August
      20,000 affected properties - setting up call center to answer questions about notices
      Joanne question: asked about trying to designate Abernethy, Hosford school yards as open space
            Answer: no requests from PPS, not proposing such a change, but might be an interesting conversation; Comp plan not the right vehicle - school would need to divide property
      BPS will make recommendation early 2015 - recommended plan will go to city council for more hearings.
      Predicting adoption by city December 2015, then proceeds to State of Oregon for acknowledgement
      Properties can be redeveloped using existing zoning until final acknowledgement by State of Oregon

Discussion - SE Quadrant Plans - (agenda item switched to previous topic)
         Have heard several visions for area around Clinton Station, Ford District, OMSI, Central  Eastside Industrial District (Southern Triangle of CEIC)
         Some including Paul Carlson from OMSI have asked for letter of support
         Sue suggests a partnership discussion with Brooklyn neighborhood
         Bureau of Planning discussion about SE Quadrant possibly next month
         Open House regarding SE Quadrant July 8, 4-7 pm at Oregon Rail Heritage Center
         Sue solicited input about how to have more detailed discussion about large development issues
August Board Retreat
      Suggested topic: Discussion about SE Quadrant
      Venue: Everybody on board with ORHF
Election of Officers
(David Kaplan willing to act as Treasurer without other board responsibilities.)
Bill moves, Linda seconds appointing David Kaplan as board member; approved unanimously

            Chair: Sue Pearce
            Vice Chair: Bill Crawford
            Secretary: Patrick Vinograd
            Treasurer: David Kaplan
            Communications Director: Paul Coleman
Joanne moves to elect the above set of nominees as a slate, Linda seconds; approved unanimously

Land Use chair remains vacant

Street Fairs
      DCBA: Saturday July 26
      HBBA: Mid-August

      Do we want a booth, if so, at 26th and Clinton
      How much to contribute

      Consensus is not enough interest/staffing to have a booth; will discuss further via email with rest of board.
      Contribution - Linda mentions DCBA non-profit donation will go to Arts Program at Cleveland
      Dave moves to contribute $250 to DCBA, Joanne seconds; approved unanimously
      Discussion of HBBA deferred until next month

National Night Out
      Typical date is August 5
      Sue has conflict on Tuesday, Bill has conflict on Tuesday
      Sue proposes Wednesday August 6, start scooping at 5:30

Emergency Preparedness Presentation by Patrick

Miscellaneous Discussion
         Joanne mentioned interest in getting a summer intern a la Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association
         Patrick gauged feasibility in donation from board for NET team

Summary of Board Spending: