Date: 7/15/2014, 7:00 pm at New Seasons Market
Chair: Sue Pearce
Board Members Present:
     Sue Pearce
     Patrick Vinograd
     Linda Nettekoven
     Bill Crawford
     Dave Kaplan
     Marillee Tillstrom
     Liz Potter
     Michelle Sprague
     Michaela Gore - representing Sen. Diane Rosenbaum
     Karin Wagner
     Craig Swinford

Approval of Treasurer's Report
     Bill moves, Linda seconds; motion passes unanimously

Communications Spending Plan - was already approved, token modifications by request of SEUL

20's Bikeway Report - Paul not present. 

Ladd's Circle Plan - Linda Nettekoven
     have worked with Parks, 
     now working with Bureau of Transportation, Art Pearce, before Richard Ross moves out of town
Division Design Initiative - Linda
     Would like time on future agenda for thorough report
     Interested in using HAND communications funds for community outreach
Division/Clinton Street Fair
     Liz, Linda, Sue, Marillee, Michelle able to staff table
     Patrick will update flyer, send to Sue for copying
     Will coordinate further over email

National Night Out/Ice Cream Social
     August 6, 5:30 pm at Piccolo Park
     Linda submitted form, parks permit pending
     Liz will take care of ordering ice cream through New Seasons
     Coordinate other purchases over email     
SE Quadrant Report - Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
     Rachel Hoy, Derek Dauphin
     SE Quadrant - part of central city 2035 planning process
     Powell to I-84, Willamette to SE 12th, covers/adjacent to 4 neighborhoods
     Stakeholder Advisory Committee - neighbors and business representatives 
     Plan hasn't been updated since 1988
     Historically an industrial area, but changing rapidly
     Seeking to increase employment density in the area
     2005/6 - created Employment Opportunity Sub-area - allowed "industrial office" use for creative services
     No zoning changes or even proposals yet - still talking about land uses
          Studying possibility of expanding EOS to southern triangle or some east-west corridors
          Interest in maintaining "industrial core" areas for manufacturing/traditional industry
          Mixed use/commercial/retail in southern triangle/Clinton triangle
          Housing near OMSI
     Current mixed-use "EX" zone - allows a wide variety of uses
     [Several clarification questions regarding map]
     Other parts of process:
          River front - what do people want to say
                Freeway blocks river, but potentially preserves industrial grittiness
                Waterfront Walk - July 22nd, 5-7pm, meets at PCC Climb, another in August
          Open space discussions - need for public plazas
                Parks has raised ideas of mini-parks along Sandy triangles/right of way
                Working with property owners to add easements during redevelopment
                 Facilitating getting in/out of district   
                 Currently no hierarchy - key truck routes vs. key bike routes
     [Digression regarding Clinton-River bike/ped path]
     Boards from open house are available on website
          Opportunity to submit feedback online as well, until August 4

     Question from Michelle about employment targets 
          Targeting approximately 7,500 new jobs from approx. 17,000 today
     Status of Housing:
          2010 Study - 1000 units, expected 2500 by 2035
          Looking at currently built or permitted, are already at 1300 units available or coming online
          About 800 proposed, mostly along bridge heads
          Designed at less than 1 parking space per unit
          Central city does currently have permit system
          PDC examining structured parking
          Had design workshop, open house
          Currently analyzing scenarios, want one or two proposed alternatives by Fall 2014
          Late Fall, another open house with policy proposals
          Winter/Spring 2015 - public review/hearings

NET Equipment Request - Patrick
     Request for funds to be spent on team equipment cache for Neighborhood Emergency Team
     General organizational material, high-value first aid supplies, and safety tools
     Requested amount of $367 per a spending proposal circulated to the board members
     Bill moves, Dave seconds; Patrick recuses himself; Liz abstains; Linda, Marilee, Dave, Bill vote yea; motion passes

Southeast Uplift Board - Bill
     Discussions regarding equity/displacement
     Linda noted Creston-Kenilworth has been identified as prone to gentrification
HAND Board Retreat
     Tuesday, August 19, ORHF
     Sue solicited topics, desired material for retreat

     Possible joint meeting in September with Brooklyn regarding station area/Clinton triangle
     Invitation from KQOC - Open House at Portland Opera July 18th, 4:00 pm
     TriMet open houses for new Tilikum Crossing bus routes

Approval of Minutes
     April: Bill moves to accept as amended, Liz seconds; motion passes unanimously
     June: Dave moves, Bill seconds; Liz abstains, motion passes