7/21/2015, 7:00 pm
Chair: Sue Pearce

Board Members present:
Patrick Vinograd
Paul Coleman
Dave Kaplan
Marilee Tillstrom
Joanne Stainbrook
Jessica Engelman
Mike Wietecki
Bill Crawford
Linda Nettekoven
Michelle Sprague
Claud Gilbert

Call to Order (7:09 pm)

Neighborhood Response Officer (Leo Yee)
Car prowls; keep cars showroom clean; record serial numbers

Diversion on Clinton (Rich Newlands, Scott Cohen, PBOT)
Traffic calmin on SE Clinton between 12th and Cesar Chavez, 
Reducing traffic volumes to guidelines for neighborhood greenways
Three things clear: need to reduce volumes; policy basis; 
Current volume varies between 2000-3000 cars per day
Drive down to at least 1500 cars per day
If can push below 2000 cars per day, can lower speed limit to 20 mph
Acknowledge that there will be trade-offs; local access to streets; some impact to other local service streets
Unknowns/opportunities for input:
What sort of process for communicating with community
Details of how to implement
Current thoughts: traffic diverters - reduce use of street as cut-through route; 
Want to have something in place before end of fall; will be phased approach
Scope of project reaches to 52nd, but volume issue is primarily west of Cesar Chavez; issue east of Cesar Chavez is speed
Any candidates in mind? 12th Avenue; area around 17th; eastbound east of 26th
Mentioned operational improvements on Division - any specifics? Revisit signal timing
What was volume before improvements on Division? Roughly the same
How many counts? 2 from 2015, 5 or 6 from 2014; collecting more data before any changes are made

Orange Line Crossing Safety (Jennifer Koozer, TriMet)
Mix of factors - light rail; adjacent multi-use path; adjacent to heavy rail line; quiet zone
People disregarding flashing lights, not noticing second train; 
People climbing through couplings of UP trains
No collisions; some apparent close calls
Two sets of improvements:
Signal adjustments - decouple light and heavy rail warning signals, adjust advance time
Physical improvements at SE 11th Avenue - swing gates on both sides, or possibly only on south side
Slows people down and orients them towards tracks
4 feet wide, pull to enter trackway, push to exit trackway
Physical improvements at SE 8th Avenue - swing gates or switchback
Slows people down, orients toward tracks; 7 foot minimum clearance
Looking to put improvements in place before opening
Nothing proposed on SE 12th - train speeds are lower approaching station
Why not switchback at SE 11th? Would need to be built out into pathway 
Why not crossing arms? Those are an option? Recommended for situations with high speed, blind corners
Slowing people down even when there’s no train
Question about bike/pedestrian bridge, how to get re-prioritized
Safety ambassadors are reporting feedback to TriMet project manager
Questions about signal linking at SE 8th - leaves people stuck on tracks
Eastbound left turn onto 11th puts cyclists onto sidewalk
PBOT representative - this is new to PBOT system as well
PBOT has cameras tracking 
Motion to write a letter to TriMet, and PBOT, UP, and congressional delegation, city council, acknowledging safety concerns, supporting signaling changes; expressing reservations about physical barriers unless those that are  only active when a train is approaching, and reiterating desparate need for a grade-separated crossing
PV Moves, LN seconds; motion amended; approved unanimously; PV will write letter

Request for Zone Change at SE Clinton and 15th
Land Use Committee received a letter requesting support for a zone change; considering
Public comment period opens August 15, closes not before November

Approval of June Minutes
PC moves, MW seconds; approved
Approval of June 30 Special Meeting Minutes
LN moves; MW seconds; approved
Approval of Treasurer’s Report
PV moves; PC seconds; approved

Ratification of Rapid Response Committee Action
Met 7/15/2015 to discuss demolition delay for property at 2834 SE 20th
Quorum of officers: Sue, Dave, Patrick
Sue and Erin presented paperwork for permit appeal to delay demolition of property at 2834 SE 20th Ave
Erin indicates that the property sold for $400k to a developer last week
Have identified two possible buyers with financial means to purchase property and rehabilitate it
House is a significant contribution to the neighborhood, and there is significant interest in preserving it among neighbors

Motion for HAND to submit demolition delay appeal and fee waiver to allow time for one of these possible buyers to attempt to purchase the property; PV moves; DK seconds; motion passes unanimously
Motion to ratify; MW moves; JS seconds; approved unanimously
[Appeal was denied due to hearing officer’s doubt about ability to find a buyer]

Approval of letter to ODOT
Proposed content: thank for signal changes at SE 26th; ask for expedite signal at SE 28th; improved crossing at SE 24th; dedicated left turn phase at SE 21st
Thursday, July 30, 5:00-7:00 pm, Catholic Charities at 2740 SE Powell Blvd
Motion to direct letter with above content; adjust letter after consulting with Rich Newlands and adjust content based on July 30 open house; LN moves; JE seconds; approved unanimously

Letter regarding Right 2 Dream Too
Sue presented draft of letter incorporating extended discussion over last several months
Motion to appoint a rapid response committee for the purposes of finalizing the proposed letter, committee encompassing all board members present at the Executive Committee next Tuesday; comprising a minimum of 4 board members, 2 members of the executive committee; PC moves; MW seconds; approved unanimously

DCBA Street Fair
Will do meet and greet and hand out fliers, no tabling
Patrick/Paul to send out updated fliers

HBBA Street Fair
Not attending

National Night Out Ice Cream Social - August 4
Reserved from 5-8
Paul, Patrick, Linda will check in on existing supplies

Orange Line Opening - Sept 12
Booth will be set up for us; compiling information to hand out

August Retreat - August 18
Potluck at ORHC, 6:00 pm 

Tree Committee - FoT Planting in December
Request funds up to $200 to help with planting - mulch, space rental if needed, tree scholarships
Motion for above; PC moves; LN seconds; approved unanimously

Meeting Adjourned