9/15/2015, 7:00 pm
Chair: Sue Pearce
Board Members present:
Chris Eykamp
Patrick Vinograd
Linda Nettekoven
Michelle Sprague
Bill Crawford
Jessica Engelman
Joanne Stainbrook
Mike Wietecki
Marilee Tillstrom
Quinn Gonzales
Claud Gilbert

Call to order (7:06 pm)

Public Safety - Leo Yee not present

Powell Street Sewer Project - Matt Gough
Project updates; available online at https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bes/68458

Approval of July Minutes
Motion to accept; LN moves, JS seconds; all in favor except CE abstains; motion approved 
Approval of July/August Treasurer’s Report
Approved with no objections

Request for Rezoning - Matt Brischetto
2717 SE 15th Avenue 

Presentation by Matt Brischetto:
Idea #1 - National Historic Nomination, with transfer of development rights
Idea #2 - Existing structures, alternative uses; mixed use, so commercial or residential
Idea #3 - New structures, compatible, similar to 21st/Clinton or 26th/Clinton; least likely
Various conversations since April 2015; neighbors, BPS, historians, city council
HAND letter request for responsible use of TDRS:  TDR transaction would require approval by HAND; proceeds must go into property; residual proceeds donated to HAND
Can this be a landmark? Similar property on SE 15th and Belmont
Houses are currently rented at affordable rates

Need to re-zone to get historic landmark status? No
How much did property cost? 1.2 million
Can TDRs be transferred from residential to residential? (Marty Stockton: Yes, but allows increase in floor area ratio)
Were you aware of comp plan? Yes
What specific business interested in putting there? No real idea - presenting as a possibility, but background is in residential rentals
No parking on property? Yes, parking, currently 4 spots, room for 8-10
Why need to change zone for TDR? Not required, but landmark status needed for TDR, rights are more marketable as mixed use. 

Response by Neighbors - Linda Peel; Peter Mahr
Raise awareness of proposed zone changes; respect current zoning; restore houses and properties; reduce further neighborhood traffic; re-emphasize what we already are; 
30+ signatures in favor of maintaining residential zoning

Comp Plan Update - Marty Stockton, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Recommended Draft released in August - map, goals and policies document; citywide systems plan
Public can review and submit testimony to city council
Submit written testimony on website, via email, or written letter - need to include name and mailing address
Testify in person before city council in November
If you are a property owner who will have a map change, will receive notice

Proposing to collapse 9 commercial zones down to 4 mixed use zones; commercial owners will also be notified

Zoning map (separate from Comp plan) - need to have discussion about area around 1/4 mile around 12th and Clinton station area; whether area is ready for up-zoning to R1

Accessory Zoning Code Update - Marty Stockton, BPS
Audit and update arbitrarily varying standards for different types of structures
Proposed draft: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/533576
Hearing on September 22 to Planning and Sustainability Commission
No changes to what triggers historic design review
Biggest change is that type of structure doesn’t matter, standards based on size of structure; fewer adjustment requests
Note: is not relevant to tiny houses or similar structures

Division Design Initiative Update - Linda Nettekoven
Long-running process by several interested parties
Trying to assemble a toolkit for design standards along Division and other similar corridors
Policy ideas and design guidelines
DDI will draft letter to council; may ask hand for support
Key policy recommendations: improved notification; residential floor area ratio gap; add compatibility as factor during permit review; “missing middle” of small-medium multi-family; re-use and preservation; relation to street width; incentives for community amenities; solar policy; access to air, light, sun; accountability for development impacts; 
Motion to direct DDI representative to move forward in crafting a letter with these points and any other input for later approval by HAND; LN moves; JE seconds; approved unanimously

Ratification of Rapid Response Committee Actions in July
Letter to PBOT regarding public involvement for Clinton diverter project; motion to ratify; PV moves; BC seconds; approved unanimously
Letter regarding Right 2 Dream Too; motion to ratify; LN moves; CE seconds; approved unanimously

Powell High Crash Corridor - Letter to ODOT 
Letter drafted by Sue Pearce regarding input on ODOT safety project
Motion to accept letter; JE moves; CE seconds
Chris’s suggestions - emphasize need for speed study; edit for brevity; make unambiguous need for ODOT to work with PBOT and respect city transportation plan
Jessica suggests rephrase “existing bike lanes” to “preserve bicycle facilities on 26th"
Bill wants to mention lane width on Powell, possibly in conjunction with speed study
CE moves to amend motion asking for unambiguous language asking for ODOT to work with PBOT and respect city transportation plan; PV seconds; amendment approved
Motion approved unanimously

Gideon Pedestrian/Bike Bridge - Letter to TriMet
Letter drafted by Sue Pearce regarding urgent need for replacement bridge
Motion to send letter along lines of draft; BC moves; JE seconds; 
Discussion: Add Jeff Owens, Roger Geller, Oregon Walks, etc
Mention amount under budget
Quinn abstains; all others in favor; motion approved

Communications Funds
Canopy; Meeting signs; Cleanup signs; Easels for tabling; Postcards for upcoming events; advertisement in Cleveland newspaper
Motion to approve expenditures from above list; LN moves; CE seconds; approved unanimously

Meeting adjourned (9:21 pm)