Date 9/16/2014, 7:00 pm at St. Philip Neri
Chair: Sue Pearce
Board Members Present:


Approval of July Minutes
     Joanne moved, Liz seconded, approved unanimously

Treasurer's Report
     All spending was cleanup-related, net inflow

20's Bikeway Report - Rich Newlands, PBOT
     Draft Recommendation
     Along 29th across Hawthorne - HAWK Signal, instead of using existing signal at 27th
     Pushback from business community removing on-street parking on 26th, still not enough street width
     Instead, provide good south-bound lane on 26th, use 28th for northbound
     Requires new crossing at Powell Blvd. - ODOT has approved design
     Keep parking between Clinton and Taggart instead of extending lane
     Question - how will "one way" effect on 26th work out?
          Answer: Unknown
     Question - how much more opportunity for input?
          Answer: some, mainly in design and engineering, also working with neighborhood associations
     Question: contact with neighbors re losing parking, speed bumps?
          Answer: contentious in Eastmoreland
     Question: if parking is "high value", why is it free?
          Answer: city moving in direction of questioning what parking means, what are needs, how to manage?
     Question: How will signal at 28th/Powell be controlled
          Answer: Detector loops for cyclists, push buttons for pedestriants
          Also, cars will be right-turn only
     Requesting letter of support
     Timeline: Would need letter of support by end of fall - next 2-3 months
     Deliberate at exec meeting, come back with recommendation at next month

Neighborhood Crime Report - Officer Leo Yee
     Any spread of window smashing happening in Woodstock? No, seems localized
     Any resolution of tire puncture incidents? No, but hasn't recurred
Announcements - Liz Potter
     October 11/12: New Seasons Store Choice Benefit for Avalon Sanctuary at Division and 19th
     October 24: Division Openfest - celebration, press walk, beer garden

Division/Powell High Capacity Transit Corridor - Bob Stacey, Metro; Alex Howard, BPS
     Steering committee meeting September 29th
     Summary: Absent major feedback, come across Tillikum Crossing, OMSI station, near Clinton station, then onto Powell
     Last February: Existing conditions reports, problems and opportunities
     Summer: Transit alternative screening report - available on website
     Preliminary analysis - bus rapid transit options are most promising
     Changeover from Powell to Division - anywhere from 52nd to I-205
     Also looking at land use along corridor, demographics, areas for investment
     Targeting Cesar Chavez and Powell, Foster and Powell, 82nd Avenue, 122nd and Division, 162nd and Division as key areas
     Next spring: recommended mode, recommended route, community action plans
     Question: How to have a facility more than a bus stop on inner Powell?
          No details yet, looking into design carefully; possibility of some station area development
     Question: How to add dedicated space for transit, deal with chokepoints?
          Will start doing more detailed traffic engineering especially once recommended route is settled
     Question: Does possibility of city taking control of state highways (e.g Powell) affect plan?
          Not much more detail available, but ODOT is studying jurisdictional transfer of 82nd
     Question: Timeline for implementation?
          Bus rapid transit by 2020, other modes would be 15-20 years out

Central Eastside Urban Renewal Area Update - Justin Douglas, PDC
     In May, city council directed PDC staff to pursue changes to 6 urban renewal areas
     Proposal as a whole would reduce impact on taxing jurisdictions
     Maintain city's commitment to grow PSU downtown
     Provide more resources through PDC to North Macadam area, and Clinton triangle area of Central Eastside     
     Goal is to promote more intensive employment use in these areas
     10 acres; extend span of renewal area by 5 years, extend maximum indebtedness
     Approximately $15-16 million for infrastructure improvements 
          (e.g. Left turn from Powell to 12th, public right of way at 15th)
     Approximately $6 million available for affordable housing
     Existing priorities wouldn't change - e.g. ODOT blocks
     ODOT keeping western third of ODOT blocks for possible I-5 expansion
     Question: Why subsidize improvements for a couple of property owners?
          See site has limited potential with current constraints
     Question: Why provide investment to a wealthy property owner like Stacy & Witbeck?
          Would only make investment that benefited entire district, e.g. connecting HAND and Brooklyn
     Question: Affordable housing applies to what mean family income?
          Answer: 0-60%
     Question: What discussion possibility for preserving existing public land for public use?
          Answer: Certainly an option; definitely better possibility for neighborhood input given that property is publicly owned
     Timeline for feedback: Council expected to take action on Nov. 6. 
     Suggestion - advocate for pedestrian crossing in light of urban renewal
[Board member Quinn Gonzalez attendeding/voting below this point]
Communications Fund Spending Plan - Paul Coleman
     Plan circulated to board via email
     Paul moves, Joanne seconds spending budget as submitted; approved unanimously
Division Design Initiative - Heather Flint Chatto
     Joint work with several neighborhood associations/organizations
     Provide design recommendations for Division and other streets like it
     Outreach at Division-Clinton Street Fair
     Community Open House
     Suggestion boxes 
     Liz moved expenditure of $500 for suggestion boxes/outreach
     Liz moved, Paul seconded; approved unanimously

     FoT tree planting 12/6
     Save our Elms Gala this Saturday (9/20) -
     Clinton Station area walkabout next Tuesday (9/23), 5:30-7:00 pm at Ford Food and Drink
     Joint meeting with Brooklyn - schedule TBD
     Next Board Meeting: Oct 21 7:00 pm; Land use at 6:30