The latest from PDC on the stalled Burnside Bridgehead project. – Frank

From: Lam, Trang
Subject: October 14th CAC meeting – Canceled

Good morning Burnside Bridgehead Citizen Advisory Committee Members & Interested Parties,
At the suggestion of the CAC Chair Tim Holmes, the upcoming meeting, currently scheduled for Tuesday, October 14, has been postponed until November 18, 2008. Over the past month, PDC staff have made significant progress with the research on interim uses for the Burnside Bridgehead site. We would like to provide you with an opportunity to review and comment on this information, but understand that a full meeting is not the best use of your time. For this reason, we are presenting our research via email.

Our research of interim site uses has shown that to be successful multiple interim uses must be implemented and that all highly ranked uses are viable for implementation with the exception of the Farmers Market (based on the Market’s criteria).

The following materials are attached for your review:
1. Research & Implementation Matrix Overview: <>
2. Calendar of Interim Site Uses: <>

Please do not hesitate to contact Kia Selley or I to share your suggestions. If we do not receive any feedback by Friday, October 17, we will begin next steps as outlined towards implementation.