HAND Board Meeting 2/21/12

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

– Sue Pearce is our representative for the Portland Charter ongoing review process
– Open house on police accountability tomorrow evening
– Light rail open house upcoming

Crime Prevention: Officer Li. Several residential, daytime burglaries recently, particularly of easy to carry items. Also issue of street drinking.

Community Issues
1. Public Art near the Powell Blvd overpass, Horatio Law: Presentation of his project “Velo-Saurus.” He is looking for sources for used bike parts. There will be youth and public workshops to help with the fabrication this spring.
2. Land exchange in our Urban Renewal Area “for recreational purposes,” Art Pierce: he is liaison for several projects. There is an open house this week on the Clinton to the River project. Water Ave relocation is upcoming, and he is looking to PDC for funding. For the Close the Loop streetcar project they are seeking Tiger Four funding; a letter of support would be appreciated; they will be sending around petitions. Motion by Sue to write a letter of support for Close the Loop, second by Bill. Passes with 0 no and o abstentions.
3. Block Connectors, Linda Schmoldt: Around 30-40 people have expressed interest in being Connectors, and she is aiming for 50 by the summer. She is also looking for Area Connectors and committee members for longer term planning.
4. Cell towers, Joanne: She has sent out the petition from a coalition requesting City Council place a moratorium on cell tower installation until the guidelines are revised; Council hears testimony on the issue March 1. Motion by Joanne to approve the letter, second by Sue. Suggestion to ensure that the request encompasses wireless internet towers as well, other minor edits. Passes unanimously with 0 no and 0 abstentions.
5. Tree Inventory, Joanne: City will provide staff support for training leaders to conduct 4-5 workshops this summer. Volunteer announcements will be sent.
6. Clean Up, Bill and Marilee: Bill attending SEUL’s meeting for coordinators tomorrow, and is waiting to hear back from donors. Motion by Bill to apply profits (after expenses) towards the Piccolo Park water fountain. Passes with 0 no and 1 abstention. Motion by Amy to spend $500 to use for advertising the cleanup at Bill’s discretion, second by Sue. Passes unanimously with 0 no and 0 abstentions.
7. Safeway, Joanne: Ongoing discussions about Good Neighbor Agreement. Drafts of letters to Safeway staff about concerns and to the state liquor commission about an outstanding liquor license issue. Motion by Sue to send both letters, second by Linda. Consider speaking with other city agencies for support. Passes unanimously with 0 no and 0 abstentions.
8. Piccolo Park water fountain, Amy: During March there will be a fundraising drive. 1,000 info cards have been printed, please distribute. Fiscal sponsorship is through Portland Parks Foundation.

Board Issues
1. HAND Website: Amy. As approved by the Executive Committee, switching to Solid Technology this week (away from Yahoo), which will do the transfer for $200, and $15/month, and update the email service.