HAND Community and board Meeting
January 21, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

Board members present: Chair alex Bassos, Secretary Carolyn Brock, Treasurer Matthew Masini, Frank Dufay, Liz Gatti, Lindsey McBride, Linda Nettekoven, Sue Pearce, Jack Spadaro, Marilee Tillstrom, Ethan Timm
Board members not present: Lois Hankins, Dave Kaplan, Wendy Kunkel, Amy Lewin, Joseph Murphy. Also not present: Land Use Chair Kina Voelz

Police Report:
Car Prowls up; warning to not leave electronics out and visible, i.e. Ipods.

A. Announcements:
1. SE Area Artwalk Feb 28 – March 1
2. “Bike for Sight” – Family event and benefit for Oregon Sight & Hearing Foundation
3. Tree planting this Saturday, Friends of Trees, 8:30 a.m. Sunnyside Methodist Church
4. Passport to Dine – Division-Clinton Business Association Jan 15-February 13, go to 5 or 8 restaurants to be eligible for prizes
5. Annual DCBA luncheon, this coming Tuesday at St. Phillip Neri, $15
6. Linda Nettekoven reported about updates on Division

B. Milwaukie MAX line
David Unsworth, Jennifer Kouzer from Tri-Met
“Portland-Milwaukie: A Vital Transportation Link” brochure passed out
100,000 jobs along corridor, driven by growth at OHSU, more than 9,000residents and 13,600 jobs in South Waterfront.
A Metro Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC) was set up to study possible alignments, supported by the city and all jurisdictions along the route. Now that the alignment has been determined, the engineering phase is beginning. There will be an open house on February 20 at the Portland Building. Sue Pearce is a member of the CAC, and Jennifer will be our liason throughout this process.
Dave discussed the issue of train horns and the federal regulations. The light rail stop of neighborhood concern is located at Gideon between 11th and 12th, the site of the freight rail crossing. The neighborhood is concerned about the additional noise which would result if all passing trains were required to blow their horns, as the current federal regulation requires. To qualify for a “quiet Zone” exemption, special devices and safety measures must be in place to make an intersection safe. The project management committee is studying all possible ways to accomplish this. The city will be the entity which makes application; then the Federal Railroad Commission uses a matrix of criteria to determine which intersections qualify for “quiet Zone” status.

C. Organizational Asset workbook
This was presented as part of a class project. It should really be an electronic document so it could be continually updated, all kinds of information, but something it would be good to reference somehow online.

D. 2010 Census-taking
Dustin Fremont from the Census Bureau is looking for census takers for the ‘hood. Make $15.25 per hour if interested and eligible. Call him at 503-205-8370. He’s also looking for a space to have recruits take an application test.

E. Holgate Channel “no wake” zone
Friends of Ross Island are looking for support, but some confusion over difference between “no wake zone” and
“non-motorized craft zone.” and which the Board and neighborhood might support. The State Marine Board is the decision maker. Item tabled until February.

F. Southeast Uplift Director stepping down
A temporary director will be named while the search is conducted for someone to fill the position.
The other big issue for SEUL right now is the problem of budget cuts, coming through ONI. We are being especially hard hit because a significant portion of our budget has come from “one time only” moneys which will not be continued. Linda is on the budget committee and fears that the cuts will be painful.

G. Future Streetcar Routes:
Carolyn Brock reported on Streetcar developments. SW has opted out. 40 possible lines. 9 corridors in SE, Hawthorne still on the list, but not as high as other routes, especially Belmont.

H. The November minutes passed with three abstentions.

I. Philip Neri Donation
Lindsey moved, Frank seconded, that we donate $85 for their Casino Night.
we’ll also be giving them recycling bags and various HAND items, including bottled water.

J. Treasurer’s Report:
We’re now earning about $85 a month in interest on our $33,203.95 balance.
This segued into how much we should be donating when asked for money (i.e. SE Artwalk) and what’s the “framework” for doing so? We need better reporting on what’s done with the money we DO give and why, and what’s the purpose of this money anyway.
Carolyn moved, Sue seconded, that we make a donation of $200 to the SE Area Artwalk. The motion passed with one abstention.
Frank agreed to chair a sub-committee to develop a framework for our donations and how they fit in with our budget.

K. Block watch
Sue Pearce asked about the appropriateness of using the communications fund from SEUL for expenses related to her Block Watch, such as copying for flyers. We’ll check this out for next month.

L. Election for new vice chair:
Linda was elected unanimously.

The meeting ended with a discussion of the lack of professional expertise re the Ladd Addition Historic Guidelines, with the loss of Henry Konowski as an active participant. This needs further discussion, as does the issue of losing the names on our curbs when PDOT is replacing them.

Submitted by:
Frank Dufay, Note-taker
Carolyn Brock, Secretary