Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Development
Meeting Minutes 10/19/10

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm

Norway Maples
Information on the Citywide Tree Project and its policy on Norway Maples presented by Stephanie Beckman (Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability), Dominic Maze (Bureau of Environmental Services Invasive Species Coordinator), and Jennifer Karys (Bureau of Environmental Services, Grey to Green Project). The Project is aiming to clarify and unify the tree policies of many disparate bureaus, and the result of the three year process is going to City Council in January.
The Project calls for not planting “Nuisance Trees” on city rights of way or public property, like the current practice for private developments. The Norway’s designation as a Nuisance Tree is due to its prolific and traveling seeds, non-native origin, and large root structure. The presenters have brought photographs of Sugar Maples which might be an alternative to the Norways called for in the Ladd’s Addition plans.
Questions from HAND about whether the number of Norways in Ladd’s make it an issue; the actual similarity of the Sugar Maples in preserving historical accuracy; and whether its Nuisance status is warranted.

Multnomah County Tax Levy 26-118
Bob Rawson speaks about the measure that would continue funding for the Oregon Historical Society, whose museum serves as a tourist attraction and research library and is a resource to students and scholars. Its state funding has been reduced by 1/3, and staff by ½, and reserve funds have been spent. The assessed property tax would be in effect for 5 years, cost an average of $10 per person, and allow for free admission for 1 year.
Questions from HAND about the plan after this 5 year measure (not yet known), and what services would be restored (also unknown). HAND members express appreciation for the OHS resources that enabled Ladd’s Addition to be recognized as a Historic District and for help with the Oral History project.

Community Music Circles
St David’s is applying for a Southeast Uplift grant to support its project in partnership with JOIN (including John Shroder of its faith based services), and Harrison Hill to build relationships with the formerly homeless. The grant would fund: 1. group music classes at St David’s music studio on Harrison Hill for community members and JOIN clients and 2. a musical instrument library and practice space. St David’s is providing space and administrative support, Harrison Hill the instruments, and JOIN the transportation and training for music teachers.
Request to name HAND as an informal partner, and for support with outreach, particularly with the potential for community service hours in schools. No board members express concern about this idea.

Historical Calendar Fundraiser
Don Beck of SMILE is applying for a $3,000 SEUL grant to create a calendar with historical pictures of neighborhoods with the associations’ meeting information of ten southeast neighborhoods to sell as a fundraiser. Each of the neighborhood associations would be given 100 calendars, and supply the photographs.
Question of whether neighborhoods can submit grants if they are co-sponsors on a grant request such as this one. Alex will contact Kristen at SEUL for the answer.
With the assumption that HAND can co-sponsor this application while still submitting its own: motion by Linda to join this application; seconded by David; passes unanimously.

Hawthorne Safeway
Update from Joanne, HAND Land Use Chair: the Safeway at 27th and Hawthorne will be closing for 1 year at the end of 2010 to make the store 60% larger and add underground parking. Concerns of neighbors include traffic flows around the garage, a good neighbor agreement about commercial traffic, a loading dock in the rear of the store, homeless presence, construction hours, and the employees’ jobs (they must reapply when it reopens). Joanne will be attending a meeting with store representatives Oct 28 from 6:30-8:30. Petition passed around which encourages Safeway to be a good neighbor during the process.

Norway Maples
HAND Board decides to maintain its position asking for an exemption in the Tree Code to continue to have Norway Maples for historical accuracy.

Division St Update
There has been a lack of written information from the city and requests from HAND members for information are still outstanding.

Cental City 2035
Amy Lewin is on the advisory committee for this project which, in conjunction with the Portland Plan, focuses specifically on the inner downtown area. There are Friday morning forums from 9:00-12:00 focusing on community housing, economic vitality, etc. Contact her with questions or ideas.

Motion by Amy to approve September 2010 minutes, seconded by Joanne. Passes with 8 yes, 0 no, and 3 abstentions.

SEUL Grants
Each neighborhood association can submit one application as the main sponsor, and successful proposals tend to be those than build capacity. There are four options before HAND:
1. Community Music Circles with St David’s (see above)
2. Calendar fundraiser with SMILE (see above)
3. Movie and live music in the park event with Richmond (as has been done in the past)
4. Block Captain project: establish block point persons who would welcome newcomers to HAND with packets including coupons to local businesses (the Division-Clinton Business Association has expressed interest), and act as liaisons between neighbors and HAND. The grant would ask for $2000 for packet materials, launch event, and mailer.
By vote, the Block Captains idea has the most support.

Board Members Present
Alex Bassos, Linda Nettekoven, Laura Vail, Amy Lewin, David Kaplan, Wendy Kunkel, Lindsey McBride, Jack Spadaro, Joanne Stainbrook, Marilee Tillstrom, Jon Warmflash

Board Members Absent
Matthew Masini, Carolyn Brock, Bill Crawford, Sue Pearce, Ethan Timm, Kina Voelz