At HAND’s January meeting, Southeast Crime Prevention Coordinator Havilah Ferschweiler and area patrol officers provided updated information on crime in the neighborhood.

Over the last month, there have been 4 burglaries in the HAND neighborhood, three of which were at homes either during the night or late evening. The suspects stole jewelry, cameras, workout equipment, etc. Officers say in the home burglaries, access was made through a back window. The fact that so many homes were hit this month brings up a great reminder: please light the back of your homes and keep both windows and doors locked at all times. The homes were not occupied during the burglaries, but it’s a good reminder to keep it safe.

Also, police have been called to our neighborhood several times for reports of transients in the back alleys of homes. There’s talk of perhaps better coordinating, especially with Ladd’s Addition neighbors, better address signage at the back of the home. If you’d like to get involved in this movement, please contact Havilah at the number/email below.

Also, over the course of the last few months Portland Police have responded to shots fired calls at the 720 Club (720 SE Hawthorne). Police are now working on an abatement plan with owners to implement better safety measures in order to prevent any more shootings.

It’s important to note, especially with the recent upswing in burglaries and thefts from cars, that we all be diligent and aware of who’s around. If you are approached by a stranger knocking at your door, asking for anything that doesn’t seem right, please call police non-emergency so that officers can be called in to do an area check. Police non-emergency is: 503-823-3333.

Also, for more information about any of these updates or to work on forming a neighborhood watch group for your block, please contact:

Crime Prevention Program Coordinator for HAND:
Havilah Ferschweiler: 503-823-0540