Hosford-Abernethy Neighborhood Development Association (HAND)
Board Meeting, 20 April 2010
St. Phillip Neri

Board members present: Chair Alex Bassos, Vice Chair Linda Nettekoven, Publicity Chair Amy Lewin, Kina Voelz, Susan Pearce, Dave Kaplan, Wendy Kunkel, Lindsey McBride, Joseph Murphy, Marilee Tillstrom, Ethan Timm, Jack Spadaro – scribe
Board members absent: Secretary Carolyn Brock, Treasurer Matthew Masini, Frank Dufay, Lois Hankins,

7:05pm Introductions

7:09pm Havilah Ferschweiler – Southeast Uplift Crime Prevention Coordinator
• Car prowls, a crime of opportunity, continue. Be aware of valuables left in car, best to take valuables out, hide them in trunk, etc.
• Police non-emergency number 503-823-3333
• Filmed by Bike Festival success, thanks to pre-event problem solving
• 720 room bar on Hawthorne has been on police interest list since September 2009, has been under 90-day abatement plan for 45 days, police calls have dropped significantly
• Graffiti reporting at 503-823-4TAG, pictures to the hotline via web are encouraged
• Increased calls about homeless
• Violent crimes way down, property crimes rising

7:23pm Events/Announcements
• SE Portland Tool Library to begin operation on May 1, continue on Saturdays 0900-1400, May 15 Grad Opening
• Caeli music jam at St David’s church, SE29th X Harrison, 1st Monday each month at 7pm
• Village Building Convergence to meet May 28 at St David’s church
• Portland Plan Round 2 sessions, April 26 at 6:30-9pm at Central Catholic High School Se 24thXStark
• HAND General Board Meeting and Board Elections, May 18, St Philip Neri, SE16thXDivision, 7pm

7:29pm Julie Gustaffson – Portland Eastside Streetcar
• Station platforms along Grand/MLK being poured along tracks
• Bioswales planned by mid-summer
• All lateral sewer lines on Grand being redone
• Substantial completion on east side by September 2010
• Opening to OMSI Summer 2012

7:44pm Adam Boesel – Green Microgym, adam@thegreenmicrogym.com
• Seeks to open small community gym that makes power by solar and exercise means
• Looking for show of interest from 300 people to sign on, to allow for business financing and lease
• Potential Division St location between SE 12th and 39th

7:59pm Ryan Kennelly – Pizzicato mural
• East facing wall, 7 ft wide x 18 ft tall
• Non-commercial focus, audience seeks local neighborhood themes
• Mural licensing in process
• Paint in May/June, audience seeks graffiti proof coating

8:14pm Linda Nettekoven – Triangle at SE Ladd X Division
• Mixed use 26 units by REACH at still in planning
• Brownfield cap in place, Multnomah County has title
• Ideas needed for use of space until development happens

8:15pm Amy Lewin – SE 19th Parklet Project
• City process underway
• $1,000 grant obtained for street fait event at site
• $5,000 grant sought for design charette process

8:18pm Marilee Tillstrom – HAND Cleanup
• May 8, from 830am to 1pm, seeking volunteers
• HAND purchased drum for Cleveland High School

8:30pm Linda Nettekoven – Homelessness
• Coordinating with businesses, police, district attorney, JOIN to discuss Support vs Boundaries
• East side industrial area sweeps have pushed folks into HAND
• Fights, toileting, drunkenness, trash, bottle collecting, trespassing are all issues, say neighbors
• Multiple reports to police non-emergency number (503-823-3333) are good for tracking problem situations
• Possible services for homeless were discussed, including potential public toilet

9:02pm Alex Bassos – HAND Business
• Financial report at May meeting
• March minutes approved unanimously, Jack and Wendy abstain
• Adjourn at 9:03pm

Submitted by:
Jack Spadaro, Note-taker
Carolyn Brock, Secretary