Meeting Minutes from HAND March 16, 2010 NA Meeting
• Introductions of all meeting attendees
• Crime Prevention Officer Report: 2 commercial thefts, no residential; spike in larceny

• Linda N: 1) upcoming Portland Plan Meeting dates 2) Equity Atlas Report has be released and will be a constant theme throughout Portland Plan Meetings 3) 7 corners update, priorities, and information from the Division CAC was included on the back of the agenda for all to review 4) There will be an upcoming Dog Summit March 30th- Linda will send out more information soon.
• Alex N: Has emailed HAND by- laws and seeks input from the HAND Board; will vote on these at next meeting
• Sister Pat of St. Phillip Neri was present to announce she will be hosting upcoming open forum meetings to discuss some issues related to the neighborhood
• Filmed by bike representatives: April 16- 18; on opening night there will be street closures. Filmed by Bike committee met with concerned neighbors to discuss past problems related to noise. Agreed to wrap up this year by midnight.
• Jennifer Koozer, Tri-met spokesperson for Milwaukie Lightrail handed out Conceptual Design Report. 30 % engineering for the alignment is completed. Environmental Impact Analysis will be released soon. There will be a Planning Commission hearing April 13th.
• Amy & Marilee gave an update about HAND clean up. Still seeking volunteers. People are to contact them directly. Marilee and Amy asked the HAND Board for money to purchase a bass drum that is to be donated to Cleveland HS. Alex motioned to donate bass drum, Carolyn seconded, passed unanimously.
• Amy gave apdate regarding Pocket Park. She is in the process of applying for grants and still waiting to hear from PBOT about permit approval/
• HAND Board voted Laura Vail in HAND representative to SEUL Board: Linda made motion; Dave K. seconded. Passed unanimously.
• Approval of minutes from Feb 2010: Amy motioned they be passed, Linda seconded. 4 abstentions, all the rest present in favor.
• Guidelines of Finance was discussed. Informal Board discussion about using HAND money for Pocket Park, New Pedestrian/ bike access paths, trails to River as part of Milwaukie Lightrail, Gardens of Wonder expansion.