Portland-Milwaukie_MapJust before the HAND meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 15th, TriMet presented the latest updates to the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project and its route through the neighborhood.

During the course of the hour, a lot of information was shared. Some very brief highlights include:

Updates to Options for Mitigating Train Horn Noise & Safety Compliance
Currently, TriMet and the City of Portland is considering three options for creating a safe crossing for trains, cars and peds while also reducing the overall noise impact to the neighborhood. Dave Unsworth, Deputy Director for this project said the latest options include:
1. TriMet is applying for a train horn waiver through this portion of the rail.
2. TriMet is working with the City of Portland to apply fo ra “quiet zone” approval.
3. If either of the two options above fail, TriMet is considering a wayside horn option.

Updates on Engineering, Preliminary Design
– Union Pacific RR grade crossings and updates to its effect on bus, bike and pedestrian connections.
– Upgrades to the Powell overcrossing structure.
– Route of Transit Bridge across Willamette River and into the Central Eastside Industrial District.

Teresa Boyle, Project Manager with the City of Portland and Leah Robbins, Project Manager with TriMet both explained the preliminary changes and updates to the route from the river crossing as it hits the east bank just north of the Portland Opera building and makes its way across Water Avenue and into HAND.

Get more information on these options and updates to the project by visiting TriMet’s project web site: http://trimet.org/pm/

You can also sign up to receive email updates on the project (click here).

HAND’s representative on the citizen advisory committee for this project is Sue Pearce. To contact Sue, email her at: sue@suepearce.biz