Each month, we post an update in the neighborhood newspaper, SE Examiner. But for some reason, our emails got crossed and this month’s version didn’t get in to the editor. Please see below. It’s a great roundup of what’s going on in HAND this month:

Density, infill, parking, traffic; As our neighborhoods change to accommodate a larger urban population, planners and policy-makers need to hear our voice. Neighbors have a stake in these important decisions, and the neighborhood associations provide an excellent forum to hold the conversations necessary to manage this transformation, and ensure that our communities can remain vibrant and healthy places for families and business. The HAND Neighborhood Association will dedicate it’s annual meeting on May 15th to address these density issues. Please join us at 7:00pm to participate. We meet in the Paulist Center of St. Phillip Neri Catholic Church at SE 16th and Division. HAND will be electing new board members and officers at this meeting. If YOU would like to make an impact on the future of our neighborhood, please consider getting involved as a board member. If you have questions about board membership, contact me at: dave@handpdx.org.

We are getting closer and closer to our goal of $7,000 to be raised by May for the Piccolo Park drinking fountain. Thanks to generous donations from neighbors such as Randy Rapaport, Bill Crawford and family and others, we hope to have the funds in time for the parks bureau to begin installation ASAP. Any extra donation exceeding the $7,000 price tag for the drinking fountain will go to dedicated artwork and plaque for the park. There’s still time for you to help out.
Piccolo Park is the only kid-friendly park in the HAND neighborhood. You can find more information about this project and tax-deductible donations online atportlandparksfoundation.org/project/piccolo-park-drinking-fountain.

HAND is still perusing ideas and funding to reclaim the abandoned street right-of-way at SE 19th and Division. The vision includes a pocket park with a potential for a small number of parking spaces. Portland Bikeshare may also be interested in the location for a kiosk.

After a year of disruption and communications challenges, Safeway has opened it’s largest Portland store at Southeast 27th and Hawthorne. Safeway and HAND have signed a Communications Plan which will address concerns of immediate neighbors about noise, litter, and crime prevention. HAND has withdrawn its formal objection to the liquor license application filed by Safeway with the OLCC. HAND hopes that a fruitful, cooperative relationship can be built between Safeway and its neighbors.