Hello HAND Neighbors,
HAND is joining with the Abernethy PTA to create an opportunity for a local conversation about the Portland Plan. Join us on Thursday, January 21st at Abernethy School, 2421 SE Orange St (near Division). PTA meeting begins at 6:30 with the Portland Plan conversation starting at 6:45. Child care will be available for a donation along with some “planning activities” for the older children.

What might this plan mean for our part of the city? Where do the issues we work on in our school and our neighborhood fit into the larger trends facing the city as a whole. How can we make wise decisions about how to use our limited public resources? How can we work together to create a healthy, prosperous city with opportunities for all?

Community Involvement Night at Abernethy
Join the Abernethy PTA and Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Association for an evening that’s all about Portland. On January 21 from 6:30PM – 8PM, we will start our general PTA meeting briefly with school business, then welcome a member of the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to present some background information regarding the Portland Plan, and conclude by discussing the Plan in small groups. It is an opportunity for the our neighborhood and school communities to learn about and participate in determining the future of our city. All parents, neighbors and children are invited to attend!

Now is the time when the City of Portland is working with strategic partners such as Metro, Multnomah County, Portland State University, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland Public Schools, Parkrose School District, Centennial School District, David Douglas School District, Reynolds School District, Worksystems, Inc., Portland Community College, MHCC, TriMet, ODOT, Portland Development Commission, Housing Authority of Portland to create a comprehensive 30 year plan -the Portland Plan! Some of you may have attended Portland Plan workshops in December. Almost 1,000 people signed in at the seven workshops! Nearly 2,000 online surveys have been completed, with more from the Curbsider mailing coming in by the bundle.

It’s our turn to have a smaller workshop focused on our school community and surrounding neighborhood. Join the Abernethy PTA and Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Association for an evening that’s all about Portland. All parents, neighbors and children are invited to attend! [Some childcare will be available in the Cafeteria for a small fee. Come a little early to participate. We’re working on a Portland Plan activity for children that wish to participate. We’ll let you know more next week!]

On January 21st from 6:30 to 8 p.m., we’ll be hosting a Portland Plan discussion. We’ll start with general PTA business and then move swiftly to a presentation by Portland City staff regarding three key areas (grouped for the purpose of discussion):
Group 1: Prosperity, Business Success and Equity; Education and Skill Development; Arts, Culture and Innovation
Group 2: Sustainability and the Natural Environment; Human Health, Food and Public Safety; Quality of Life & Civic Engagement
Group 3: Design, Planning and Public Spaces; Neighborhoods and Housing; Transportation, Technology and Access
Next, we’ll form small groups, by interest, in one of three topical areas. Before the evening is over, each group will have an opportunity to share what they feel are their most important issues, ideas, recommendations. You’ll also have a chance to give your input individually via a paper or on-line questionnaire.This information will be provided to City staff as part of a extensive compilation of community input!

If you’re really excited to find out more before the meeting, http://www..portlandonline.com/portlandplan/ is a good place to start. Also, you can dig deeper into the issues by reading the background reports (http://www.portlandonline.com/portlandplan/index.cfm?c=51427), which cover everything about Portland from infrastructure and energy to housing and human health and safety. Hard copies of the background reports are available for review at public libraries and each neighborhood District Coalition office (http://www.portlandonline.com/oni/index.cfm?c=28390& ).

The City is still in the initial stages of determining the direction of the Portland Plan. Your input is very important. Also, there will be more chances in the future to give input and make recommendations for refinement.

If you have any questions regarding this workshop, please contact Liz Gatti at kittyrock@earthlink.net. For answers to questions regarding the Portland Plan process, go to http://www..portlandonline.com/portlandplan/.