If you’re interested in getting involved with issues affecting our neighborhood on a state level, please plan to attend this meeting next week. From Southeast Uplift:

Neighborhood & community city legislative agenda
City Council Chambers
1221 SW 4th
Tuesday, January 6
7 – 9 PM

Neighborhood, business and other community-based organizations play an integral part in assuring community and neighborhood livability. Mayor Adams continues to be committed to working with Portland neighborhoods, businesses, and community organizations to provide services and information to assist in empowering residents to identify and support issues that benefit Portland. One way we can support each others efforts is to explore joint legislative objectives and work together in Salem to achieve positive results.

Mayor Adams is inviting you to participate in a meeting, co-sponsored by the City’s Offices of Neighborhood Involvement and Government Relations, designed to provide you with information for the upcoming 2009 Legislative Session. An agenda has been designed to assure active participation from each of you and will include interactive polling to identify and prioritize your issues before we adjourn. To review the agenda, visit our website. A draft legislative agenda was presented to City Council during a November work session and is still not completed. To review the draft agenda click here.

Please RSVP to the Office of Neighborhood Involvement at 503 823-4519.

A follow-up meeting in February with legislators to impart priorities outlined at the January meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks. Look for announcements regarding date, time and location.