Would you like to…
· Work with your community to achieve extraordinary things?
· Create opportunities for local businesses?
· Help preserve significant neighborhood structures?

The MAIN STREET APPROACH* is a nationally proven methodology for revitalizing commercial districts. Come learn how to leverage your community’s collective skills so the end result is a business district that becomes a gathering place for the community and provides the goods and services that neighborhoods desire.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Residents, neighborhood and business association leaders, business owners, property owners and anyone else who feels passionate about improving their community!

Regardless of whether you desire to become part of a formal Main Street program or not, the method taught can still be used to improve most commercial districts.

Main Street Approach Training (Part 1 of 2)
March 3, 2011 at 5pm – 9pm
Join us at OAME:
4134 N. Vancouver Avenue
Portland, OR 97217
In Part 1 of this free training (on March 3), you will learn principles of:
· Organization
o developing a district work plan
o fundraising strategies
o recruiting volunteers
· Promotion
o marketing
o image building

Main Street Approach Training (Part 2 of 2)
March 23, 2011 at 5pm – 9pm
Join us at OAME:
4134 N. Vancouver Avenue
Portland, OR 97217
In Part 2 of this free training (on March 23), you will learn the principles of:
· Economic Restructuring
o identifying market opportunities
o stimulating investment
· Design
o cultivating preservation of neighborhood character
o improving the appearance of public space

Coffee and snacks served, registration is free!
Guests also welcome to bring their own meals.

Questions? Please contact:
Jeremy Van Keuren
Portland Development Commission
(503) 823-4534