The Oregonian has its most detailed article yet about issues with the new Safeway, online this afternoon:

Feel free to weigh in with comments online.

Additionally, Safeway sent HAND a brief note this week with new drawings of the store and a construction schedule for November.

Attached are all three:
SAFEWAY 3 WEEK 11 11 11
A0 upper level site plan

The garage drawing appears to be outdated (it depicts the old exit lan). We’re still evaluating the other drawing. It appears to show a “10-foot wall” on the south side of the store, which according to Safeway’s own consultants does not conform to city code for blocking noise from the trucks driving up to the loading dock. Safeway has promised a wall 14 feet high on the south side of the store. HAND is following up to learn more about the drawing. There may be features planned for the property that aren’t evident on the drawing.

Finally, Safeway included a brief follow-up note regarding the crime-prevention meeting earlier this month:

We appreciated the opportunity to discuss the safety and security concerns regarding the new neighborhood Safeway. The review of our store design and presentation by our Security Manager addressed many of the expressed concerns about the store operation. We are also internally reviewing suggestions that were made, e.g., graffiti-resistant paint on the 4 foot wall adjacent Clay.

As requested, I have attached the drawings that were the focus of our discussion. In addition, I have attached the most recent 3-week construction schedule.

Thank you again.

Diane Phillips
Real Estate Manager

Any questions, comments or concerns can be forwarded to Mike Rogoway,