Please go to this meeting/offer your support for the Sunnyside Neighborhood Association if you can.

PGE Substation Expansion
The neighborhood association is tracking PGE’s proposal to expand its substation and tear down three historic homes at SE 32nd and Yamhill. Neighbor interest continues to grow, with more than 100 people signing up for our mailing list during the Belmont Street Fair. We have organized two special community meetings to focus on this topic:

* October 7: Discussion and strategy meeting with neighbors

* October 16: Community meeting with PGE representatives

Both meetings are set for 7 p.m. at the Sunnyside Environmental School auditorium (on Salmon Street between SE 34th and SE 35th). A Conditional Use application for the proposed expansion is expected to be filed in late October. For more information or to sign up on the mailing list, email or call 503.295.1699


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