Here’s an update to a land use hearing HAND has been following for more than a year. It’s about a stretch of land along the Willamette river that many hope would include a piece of trail, helping connect the Springwater Corridor to the Eastbank Esplanade.

Thanks to the Bicycle Transportation Alliance blog for the details:

SK Northwest Plan to Include Trail Alignment
Posted by: Emily
Sep 05 2008, 1:28 pm
Late last week the Bureau of Development Services issued a notice for a remand hearing on the SK Northwest development site which lies between the Portland Spirit, and the new Portland City Storage development, and is part of a significant and dangerous gap on one of the City’s most popular trails. The remand hearing will deal specifically with the definition of the “top of the bank”, and the current plans submitted by SK Northwest clearly show a new trail alignment running through the property and along the river.

To view the hearing notice, go here.