Here is a concise summary of the major changes and new assignments down at City Hall — courtesy of the Coalition for a Livable Future.

This should make it easier to know whom to contact with your ideas and concerns.

Reorganization is Afoot at City Hall (top) Mayor Elect Sam Adams recently announced bureau reorganization and new bureau assignments for each commissioner.

Here are some highlights:
The Bureau of Planning and the Office of Sustainable Development have been combined under a new bureau, now called the Bureau of Planning and Sustainable Development.

A new bureau called the Office of Healthy Working Rivers has been created and will pull in existing staff from the Bureau of Environmental Services and the Bureau of Planning. The Bureau of Housing and Community Development is being split, creating a new Bureau of Housing.

Community Development activities will move under the purview of the Portland Development Commission.

Bureau assignments:
Mayor Sam Adams- Office of Emergency Management, the Office of Management and Finance, the Portland Development Commission, the Bureau of Planning and Sustainable Development, and the Bureau of Transportation. Commissioner
Amanda Fritz-Office of Human Relations, the Bureau of Emergency Communications, the Office of Healthy Working Rivers, the Office of Neighborhood Involvement, and the Office of Cable Communications and Franchise Management.
Commissioner Nick Fish- Bureau of Housing and Bureau of Parks and Recreation.

Commissioner Dan Saltzman- Police Bureau, Bureau of Environmental Services, the Bureau of Fire and Police Disability and Retirement, and the Children’s Investment Fund.

Commissioner Randy Leonard- Bureau of Fire and Rescue, Bureau of Development Services and the Water Bureau.