MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009
7:00 TO 9:00 PM
Room 2500 B; 1900 Building
1900 SW Fourth

Even though it is summer, the timing is right to begin a discussion with leaders of the development community about how we can work together in a more positive way. One of the key areas in which there is common ground is early discussion of what is likely to be built. Usually, for those of us in Neighborhood Associations, we too often don’t get that level of discussion until later in the process. All too often we are then seen as costing money to builders and as obstructionists. It is time for us to figure out a way to demonstrate our value to developers in knowing the neighborhood in which they seek to build and in knowing attitudes and interest of those already living near where they will be building.

We will begin that discussion at this Citywide Land Use Group meeting, but it will not end there if we do it right. Please attend – and be prepared to identify ways in which we can work together. Think of the time we will all save if we can find common solutions before they become wins and losses.