HAND hosted a “Dog Summit” with Abernethy PTA & members of the Hosford Middle School dog group to address issues involving use of school grounds by pet owners. As a result a set of rules have been adopted for Abernethy. Similar rules already exist at Hosford.

The Abernethy field is first a school yard for kids.
Any other public use, such as a baseball game, is allowed by the school and Parks and Recreation and must be compatible with its primary purpose.

Rules for Dogs on the Playfield:
• All dogs must be on leash or under voice command.
• All dogs must be in good health and fully vaccinated and licensed.
• All dogs must be well socialized with other dogs and people. Aggression of any kind is prohibited at the school. This includes: toys, leashes, people or other dogs.
• All dog owners are to pick up after their dogs and any other dog waste they see.
• Dog owners are to be self- policing about dog behavior
• Dog owners must be actively engaged with their dogs while at the park including monitoring their play, waste, and interaction with other owners.
• No person may have more than 3 dogs at the park at any one time.
• No dogs are allowed on the grounds during school hours: 8:30am-3:30pm.
• Use of the school field is allowed only by those owners willing to give at least 2 hours of community service to maintaining the field per year.
• No destructive or nuisance behavior is allowed at the field such as digging or excessive barking.

Remember, a well trained dog is a welcome dog! Get involved or stay updated. Search “Abernethy Elementary Field Beautification Group” on Facebook.com.