This update will provide a few highlights of the East Side Big Pipe Project construction.

Overall, the East Side Big Pipe Project is slightly ahead of schedule and under budget. The project is now about 74% complete. The completed portion of the north drive of the tunnel is approximately 3.5 miles from its beginning at the Opera Shaft. The construction began in the spring of 2006 and will be completed by summer 2011.

Rosie, the tunnel boring machine (TBM), is currently tunneling about ¾ mile north of the Fremont Bridge . The September 2009 destination for this drive is the Port Center Shaft on Swan Island , which will complete the north drive. The TBM will then be retrieved from the shaft and be transported back to the Opera Shaft to begin the south drive to the McLoughlin Shaft at SE 17th Avenue and McLoughlin Blvd.

Port Center Shaft ( Swan Island ): Workers are continuing the preparation for the arrival of the TBM this September.

River Shaft ( N River St at CLD Grain): Work begins to clean the bottom of the shaft. Grouting operations are underway for the Outfall 43 structure adjacent to the River Street Shaft. Following the completion of grouting, excavation will begin on this structure.

Steel Bridge Shaft (N Interstate near the Rose Quarter): Work will continue in the fall.

Alder Shaft (SE 3rd and Alder St): The construction of the vortex structures that will convey the flow into the shaft from Outfall 36 is complete. The crew is now constructing the shaft roof.

Opera Shaft (SE Water and Caruthers): The mining shaft continues to provide access to the tunnel for the workers, equipment, and supplies.

Taggart Shaft (SE McLoughlin and Taggart): Work continues to complete the interior liner.

McLoughlin Shaft (SE McLoughlin at SE 18th Ave ): Work continues at this shaft location to complete the shaft floor.

SE 2nd and SE 3rd avenues Pothole Restoration ( SE 2nd Ave between SE Clay and Morrison streets): Restoration of the more than 200 potholes begins in July.

Outfall 28 ( SE 18th Ave and Insley St ): The microtunnel and the construction of the diversion structure are complete and the road is open to traffic. The contractor will be back to this location in the summer of 2011 to divert the flow into the new pipeline, which will take the flow to the tunnel at the McLoughlin Shaft ( SE McLoughlin and 17th Ave ).

Outfall 37-3 ( SE 3rd Ave and Stark St ): Open trench work begins in late July to install a diversion structure and pipeline at this intersection. This work will collect the flow from the existing outfall pipe and convey it to the new 84-inch microtunnel. The microtunnel will bring the flow to the tunnel at the Alder Street Shaft. This work will close SE Stark Street and continue for about two months.

Outfall 38-2 and 38-3 ( SE 3rd Ave and Oak St ): Excavation of these two sites begins in August to install manholes and flow through pipes. Restoration of these sites is scheduled for end of November.

Outfall 41 (triangle pedestrian island at Rose Quarter): Relocation of the traffic signal wiring is underway. The next phase of work includes excavation of the shaft and installation of a diversion structure. The traffic lane just north of the island will be closed intermittently.

Outfall 44A (N River and Randolph streets): The contractor completed the installation of the manhole at this location and has begun the construction of the diversion structure. N River Street will be opened during the month of August and then will be closed again as work continues at this site.

Outfall 46 ( N River St at AshGrove Cement): Restoration of this site begins in July.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Diana Hinton, Community Relations
Environmental Services, City of Portland

East Side Big Pipe Project Office
211 SE Caruthers, Suite 200
Portland OR 97214