I am a Portland Police Lieutenant in charge of the Grand Floral Parade this year. I am trying something very different this year by decreasing the number of sworn police officers working the parade from 266 to about 80. In order to accomplish this, I am looking to replace a number of positions previously filled by officers with citizen volunteers from the community.

I am needing 30 volunteer cyclists who I could break up into groups of three citizens and one police officer (on a bike) to help with a section of the parade route. This cadre of four would have the responsibility for a 6 block section and would help spectators understand where they can sit and where they can’t. Also, help with frequently asked questions like where is a bathroom?, Where is a Starbucks?, etc. For bike duty I am leaning toward 18 and older to help along the parade route. I am looking for people who interact well with others.’

The parade is June 12th and we are generally out there from 8am to 2pm.
I will be taking good care of all our volunteers.

The other part is the fiscal responsibility piece. The parade is a nice event. There is no reason to pay sworn police officers straight time and/or overtime for an event that does not require that degree of qualification. Hence the reason we are making this shift in how we do things.

If you are over 18, have a bike and helmet, and would like to serve the community in a fun way. I encourage you to get in touch with me. I would appreciate hearing from you.
If you have questions, my cell number is (503) 793-8353 -John

Lt. John Brooks
Portland Police Bureau
East Precinct
737 SE 106th Ave
Portland, OR 97216
(503) 823-4829